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  1. i took a look at your images, id say they are MUCH better than my attempt! but thankyou all the same (your images are great by the way!)
  2. i dont even know what a DSLR is! LRGB is meant to be good then? i struggled getting more than 1 colour to show, the reason i felt bad about posting is it i have seen people with AMAZING pictures with like £2000~ worth of gear, and then i produce that using a $100,000~ facility, so i felt like it was a failure thanks alot for the kind comments!
  3. dont think i'll get the opportunity again during this module
  4. 10*30 sec exposures in R/G/B/Clear, 10 darks/flat/bias (10 flats for each filter) .... 17" Telescope (university observatory i was lucky enough to have access to for a night)
  5. thanks! i stacked the exposures with maxim but my abilities with it are very basic, as for photoshop etc i am pretty clueless
  6. alright! thanks for the words of encouragement, here is the image:
  7. edit: actually i decided its not good enough to share with people
  8. thanks for the information, i didnt realise it was quite that expensive!, also Maxim looks very expensive (i have a temporary maxim licence because of my university course, imaging with the PIRATE telescope in mallorca)
  9. hi! im currently looking at buying a telescope/mount/camera/software for imaging, i've seen some of the amazing pictures people on this website have captured and i want to give it a go myself what im basically asking is, what is a decent entry level setup, and how much is it going to cost me? i bought a large (12") dobsonian telescope a few years back, and i've found its simply too large to make use of as much as i want (also obviously its useless for imaging), i think 8" or so would suit me much better! kind regards,
  10. the moon, through my dobsonian, with my picture phone.. <--- says it all, but considering how crude that is for imaging, i was happy
  11. wondering if someone can reccomend some dark skies in Syorks, i need somewhere not too far away where i can just set up for the night, the town i live in just has too much light pollution.
  12. so my first go ever with a real telescope (12" skywatcher dob), which incidentally, i recieved the day previously (for Christmas) and i was gifted with some moderately/intermittantly clear skies! admittedly not knowing the sky hugely well, and the clouds not helping, i didnt see anything particularly amazing, or well i did, but not in the way you might imagine, we'll get to that later.. my first target was betelgeuse, simply to line up the finder with the primary properly - 15 minutes of fiddling around with it with the assistance of a friend later, we had it in the center of both scopes, grea
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