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  1. Hehe... Think I left my head on the train. Must be in Newcastle by now :-) Kids Got me up at 6.15am. Eyes are struggling to stay open but nothing eight cups of strong coffee and a 5k jog in the rain can't fix. Looking forward to Ophelia's party this afternoon!
  2. C'mon chaps! You know I never joke, Always serious, 110% astronomy and definitely Sensible with a capital S. .... My night out consisted of looking after the two younglings (Damian and Soupy), making sure they weren't distracted by the scantily clad girlies, limiting them to just fruit juices and making sure at least 85% of the night was spent studying articles in the latest science journals! Although I didn't manage to stop Soupy doing the Daddy dancing! We did well boys! BTW. Cheers Sam for the Sambuca!
  3. Emjoy We made good progress last night and good seeing stars through your scope!Have a good day with John!
  4. I thought I should apply a picture to my signature. The white 60mm Tasco is quite good on the Moon up to 700x. Still not a patch on the 50mm GreenKat perfect for planets and faint nebulae.
  5. I'll try to get round to it at some point but I didn't really get the required frames before the battery expired. Will definitely try for another vid this season?
  6. Think I was near the Cone Nebula (cluster) at that time on my way to Orion... M42 was breathtaking and F star in the Trapezium was a doddle when the wind dropped.
  7. Observing with my 24in Scope at the Winterfest Starparty 2015. Vicky is to the left with her 110.
  8. No Astrophotography prizes here..just a quick bit of fun early Friday morning with a DSLR and telephoto on an Astrotrac.
  9. Setting up the 24 on Friday shortly before Vicky arrived. Keith was making the final adjustments to the drive. Incidentally, Vicky scope was placed between where I am standing and the 24. Happy days.
  10. Such a fab time Vicky...your 110 is truly a special one..i've used countless Apos and can vouch for the exceptional quality. You have a good one!It was good using both scopes throughout the night!
  11. Was a little tired for Thursday session and even though the 24 was assembled, it was not collimated and decided to leave the covers on...Instaed I did a little Atrotrac-ing with a 200mm lens and some visual on Keith's 18inch dob. Friday was a full on visual night on the 24. The wind was quite blustery at times but the 24 was still offering pretty good views. Vicky was the whole time on her 110 and I managed to share a few views on it with her. Can't wait to get back out!
  12. Both Vicky and I are safely home from a very enjoyable mini Kelling Starparty... Managed 4.5 hours of observing on Thursday night and 8.5 hours to on Friday night. Saturday was a washout so spent it in the pub with astro buddies chatting about parallel universes and ant killers! My 24in dob with the new drive system worked flawlessly and Vicky got a bag full of new Messiers and new objects. Excellent all round and wished there was more of the gang around to share the experience!
  13. You've got it all wrong guys. I've used my frac with a celestron micrometer measuring eyepiece and by taking readings with my own eyes came to the concludion the moon is about 240,000 miles away and about 16inches in diameter. No way you could land a rocket on something so small. Must be fake
  14. Everyone knows the moon landings were fake. I mean, it's just so far away...it would take us decades to get there!
  15. Thanks Soupy..had to rush home (not a district in Manchester) and left third of a pint. Thought you were back in Hudds tonight.
  16. I can see Aldebaran in my 10x42 just appear on the dark shadow side. The cloud is quite thick so can't make out the rest of the Hyades
  17. Should be reappearing about now on the right side..look with binoculars ...it's a great view.I was shooting through cloud.
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