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  1. BTW ..THIS SITE HAS BECOME NAFF...can't quote or reply without previous message quotes appearimg.. RANT OVER
  2. Eric- getting a laptop with a longer battery life is a good idea although it shouldn't totally decide your purchase. You can often buy spare batteries or run from a powertank with the correct adaptor. A good cabled mouse is a must (funny, I was just telling Vicky to buy the exact same thing) and just note that the smaller the screen, the longer it will last. have you been given a price for the camera?
  3. Yes...fingers crossed for testing! Will be bringing my box of tricks! i did a little visual too last night using the 8mm (300X). Jupitter and M42 (A- F im the Trap) look fabulous.
  4. Cheers Soupy...hoping for another attempt under better seeing with a tracking mount
  5. Thanks D... Scope is having a little cold temperature issue...but otherwise it's a dream to use. mirror needs a new coating though as I could see light coming through!
  6. Some Jupiter stacks taken from some very short video sequences from my untracked 24 dob last night!
  7. Eric, I used to do alot of video astronmy about 15 years ago and found it most rewarding. The benefits of instant gratification on tap was always a delight and surprisingly a very stress free way to image as tracking was not of paramount importance. I've been thinking about your setup and a first suggedtion is to add a SCT Crayford focuser (motorised???) where the diagonal usually sits. This will allow easier fine focusing with zero image shift at the most critical point ie rough focus with the usual OTA knob then precise focus with the Crayford. The zero image shift will save you many hours of frustration whereby the target keeps falling off the small sensor everytime you focus! Placement of the camera behind the reducer can be quite important too so provision for experimentation with available fittings will need to be considered. Especially if the Crayford has to be the first item attached the OTA. i'll let you know if I come across anything. good luck
  8. Haha...I'm on the case! Eric: be aware that these focal reducers are only suitable for small chip cameras like the video camera you are contemplating. There are other alternatives you could consider too.
  9. Haha..Here's a fix! Dig a five feet deep hole, stick your mount in it then all you have to do is slide your scope onto it at floor level! No lifting...one other thing..take lots of vitamins! i've already started digging my eight feet hole for my dob so I won't have to climb any ladders.
  10. Test 2 was the new ZWO planetary cam I picked up at Astrofest! Using the Tak 5inch refractor (not ideal for planets) and a 5X Powermate. I managed a few vids on Jupiter on a night of poor seeing.. Anyway, I'm looking forward to more Jupiter imaging with this camera on a larger scope.
  11. Forget the bandsaw Ryan..I have a 12in meat cleaver! I'll track one down for you ..they're great workhorses.. I bought a ZWO 178 colour at Astrofest and had a go with it on Weds evening through the 5inch Tak. Image scale was naff but it was fun to test the cam. I'll post a pic when I get round to processing.
  12. I can sort something out for you at Gain's Astro Emporium Ryan...just send me your right arm by DHL in a freezer bag! Lol Thanks Ryan,....it has taken me 40 years to get to this place with my equipment! My advice to anyone in this game is to head straight to the end goal as directly as possible as far as equipment choice is concerned....I have wasted many years and bucket loads of dosh in the UPGRADE MAZE, worst of all is I've not fully utilized the clear nights that have come my way! First light for the Tak and ZWO cam...Can't wait to get a proper imaging run with the gear...tests showed great promise.
  13. Nice one Vicky! Don't forget to try the powermate too for focus. Soupy - shame we didn't think of it last night. It's here if you change your mind
  14. Cameras attached and powered up! Amazingly, the skies are still clear blue! This night has been a long time coming. Good luck to everyone tonight and let's hope it's not another one of those evenings where we swear alot because of a premature end to proceedings! Soupy- Are you all set? Do you need to borrow my 410 hd for tonight?
  15. Just missing the power and cameras! Sitting back with a hot drink and waiting for the clouds to roll in!
  16. Sexy toys for geeks...looks fabulous! Will blame you if it goes cloudy!
  17. Forecast is looking good for tonight folks! Not seen a 'forecast' this good in a while! Fingers crossed I'll be giving the new scope and camera first light and a shake down!
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