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  1. The skies finally cleared at 11.15 last night over Huddersfield. Managed some visual of Jupiter with the 24in.. The GRS was extremely prominent and vivid orange. Packed in at 2am! No image from the session but here is one of the moon with the 5in from last week.
  2. A very productive night for all...look forward to seeing your results
  3. A quick process from last night's toils! Jupiter and moons with a shadow transit with the 5inch refractor then enjoyed on screen and visually through the 24 with Vicky!
  4. Got the ladder Eric, just need a couple of minions to help with assembly and pack up!
  5. Just about set and excited for a night of good viewing... Just waiting for Vicky to arrive with her 110 refractor!
  6. Never doubted you Soupy..it did look rather impressive. First time I've seen aurora under the clouds!
  7. Yes, a very constructive and useful meeting! Exciting times ahead!
  8. Fabulous night of laughs, curry, supersize cake and a Mexican! Adam, - I'll make sure you get the best head and Charlottethe best box! Great seeing you both together!
  9. Haha..that's so funny D. If I did have a Trek replicator..i can think of more fun things to replicate and I would be in a different hobby too :-)
  10. From Gain's Astro Emporium...loL There you go Eric, I do believe this is what you've been looking for. I have one here you can try out for purpose. just collect it when you come for the camera!
  11. We've had alot of joy (and Mcds coffee) on this part of your AP journey. The best is yet to come. Nice setup Vicky, be a proud owner!
  12. You do actually have more idea than most Vicky... I will make sure you achieve your imaging goals but be prepared to put in the time in the beginning!
  13. That's a little pricey Eric! I'd wait for a better deal and the f6.3 will get you going for now. There is no guarantee the f3.3 will be of good enough quality for your needs. I'll try to source one for you to try out.
  14. Never doubt the great British weather! I have always found it consistent.
  15. Haha.. always have stock , open and ready to get you a deal Chris!
  16. I hope so too Soupy! Often when I quote or jist simply type a reply..it imserts a quote from days ago which I have to delete word by word :-(
  17. Good progress last night Damian and lovely view of the GRS through the 22.
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