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  1. 10 hours ago, Vicky050373 said:

    That's great Ben - certainly does look like them. I've still yet to see them. Nice one.

    Yes, it was a really great meeting last night. Damian, would you kindly thank John and Ruth again for coming to see us, and I think we all agree that John's talk was really interesting. Good fun and belly laughs as usual at the curry afterwards, with Gain making the night with his mountain of lamb chops!

    The next meeting is Thursday 13th July and we will update the thread and send emails out to all members with details nearer the time.

    We really do need as many volunteers as possible for the Horbury Show. Again, I will be emailing all members over the weekend. We would really appreciate any help on the day.


    I unfortunately missed the talk . Nonetheless, the curry and my lambing session was just a most delightful experience. Good to see the gang as well as John and Ruth!

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  2. 2 hours ago, mapstar said:

    I'm quite surprised there wasn't more on here as this weekend is probably the last chance till late August to bag some scope time. I've tried twice this week but unusually for April the weather hasn't played ball. I would be out tonight but shattered after driving back from wales. Was good though :thumbright:

    Was really looking forward to a trip out to the Dales but the weather had other ideas. 

    Only managed a quick Jupiter session on Thursday night from the garden with the 8inch maksutov. 

    Fingers crossed for this week otherwise it's a wait till August.JUPITER20170420GLEEs.thumb.jpg.deedd4ba993e7602cab69d654584c290.jpg

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  3. 8 hours ago, Dec said:

    Hi All,

    Saw an unexpected clear sky last night so I got out in the garden to do a bit of experimenting with spacing for the coma corrector on my camera.

    After lots of messing about, and with Gains recent presentation in mind, I took a handful of 5min subs near Coma Berenices (NGC4874 to be precise).

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/l4rn50ywa7z5qt7/Galaxy Cluster.png?dl=0

    Apologies for the quality of image (only a few uncalibrated subs and ive stretched it to death) but as Gain said the amount of galaxies in this small area of sky is simply mind boggling. It is like galaxy soup. Can't wait for some clear dark skies and longer subs of this region.

    BTW Did anyone see the really bright meteor last night at about 10.05 near Capella heading towards Perseus. It was a beauty.



    Nicely done Dec...that is fantastic work and glad to know someone was listening and to see someone imaging objects beyond our neighbourhood!  The Coma galaxy cluster is over 300million lightyears away. Well done Dec!

    Don't forget 

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  4. 5 hours ago, Dec said:

    Well done on the new addition to WADAS Gain. Looks like a great piece of kit, I got a new 9x50 finderscope with the last scope I bought. I'm not using it so will happily donate if suitable.IMG_1792.thumb.JPG.8882117b29561b8e85b7abd639227a1b.JPG

    Thanks Dec, 

    And an even larger thank you for the finderscope and bracket. Just perfect  in matching black....cheers matey

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  5. 1 hour ago, mapstar said:

    Looks very nice G. It will get the public interested.

    C6R I think old Nick on here uses one.


    It does look large and impressive. 

    It should draw us a crowd at the Horbury show and the erecting prism means we can show the public terrestrial objects without the 'Why is is upside down?' Question.

    images are crisp too!

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  6. 1 hour ago, Vicky050373 said:

    Excellent job Gain, and thank you for sourcing what looks like an excellent scope at an incredible price! Looking forward to using that at our next public outreach event. Thank you again :)

    Thanks Vicky,

    really excited for Wadas.. it's a lovely looking instrument and performs quite well too!

    Need to sort a home for it though?

  7. IMG_8132.thumb.JPG.5f3ed016f6ac608e7bf5db6429763b95.JPG

    WADAS has a new member! 

    Supplied by Gain's Astro Emporium haha!

    We have a SKYWATCHER EQ5 mount with RA motor drive, dual weights and polarscope,  a Celestron C6R 6inch f8 achromatic refractor OTA with dual speed focuser, erect image prism diagonal plus extension tube and  a series 4000 Meade 26mm plossl. The instrument is quite large and looks impressive. Our original target scope was a SW 120 on an EQ3/2.

    The finderscope is mine and not included so if anyone wants to donate a 9x50 finderscope with bracket for a standard SW shoe, that would be great.

    The scope is ready to go but could do with a decent finder scope as mentioned above. In addition, we could add a decent 2inch mirror diagonal,  wideangle 2inch eyepiece and solar film for the front cap at some point in the future.

    This little lot new would cost £950. We've paid £370 and it is in excellent condition.

    Looking forward to seeing this scope at our forthcoming public outreach events and of course, the scope will be available for loan by members (subject to conditions).


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  8. On 07/04/2017 at 09:36, Bengrant76 said:

    Thanks all for a great night, a very thought provoking talk from Gain, makes you think just how much stuff is out there, and how much of it can be seen with modest equipment. Also thoroughly enjoyed a good curry with good company, you really are a very welcoming and friendly bunch in Wakey! hope everyone managed to make it to work today  after such a late night!


    Thanks Ben and great to meet you in person. Curry was fun!

  9. On 07/04/2017 at 08:47, Dec said:

    Great night last night.

    Excellent talk Gain. Really enjoyed it. I'm one of those guilty of chasing messiers and nothing else. Certainly puts a different perspective on things.

    Cant wait to get out now. Roll on some clear skies!!

    Thanks mate.

    Glad you enjoyed it Declan, ...We'll hopefully get to see some galaxy cluster images from you soon!

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  10. On 07/04/2017 at 00:14, mapstar said:

    Good meeting tonight and an excellent talk by G. Followed by the usual top curry with lots of laughs.

    Thanks to all that tirned up and a warm welcome to our new members Mike and Ben.

    Damian :thumbright:

    Thanks Damian,

    it was a great turnout and everyone was in good spirits...

    About 80% recovered from my illness now probably helped by good lamb chops. 

    A good evening out!

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  11. 29 minutes ago, mapstar said:

    I can see it in that pic G. Sounds promising on the professionalism of the Atik customer services.  

    Yes Damian. It is invisible until you get the light to shine in along the direction of the mark. I am sure it will just require a clean.

  12. To answer everyone's curiosity:
    Inspected and images taken.
    Looks like blemishes left behind from a previous cleaning.
    The mark is on the sensor cover glass and not the camera window.
    If it is a scratch then it's new camera time. 
    I've spoken to Vince at Atik and the best course of action is to return the camera to them. Hopeully the issue will be solved by a professional service and clean. This will incur a modest service/handling fee and fingers crossed, Vicky should be up and running again in the next two-three weeks. 

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  13. I get  asked the question often as to where I've been going to for my local dark sky site so thought I'd post this here;

    Over several months in 2006. I set away on a journey to find a dark(-ish) observing site. The parameters were: travel time under 1 hr and 45mins, within 100 miles from home, preferably at least 1000ft above sea level and away from a main road.
    I travelled many miles over several months, going as far as north central Wales, the North York Moors, Peak District and the Yorkshire Dales.
    In the end I settled upon a location in the Dales with a reasonable compromise in sky darkness, weather conditions, distance and drive time. The bonus here was this location is also very beautiful by day which made nice long days out a possibilty. It is northwest from Buckden and south from Hawes.
    From door to door : drivetime was 1hr30-50mins. Distance was 50-58miles. Site A was just under 1900ft above sea level  and in 10 yrs of using this location, I've experienced no more than 20 vehicles passing me after 9pm.
    The sky is quite dark and useable overhead, west, north and east. The sky to the south has a 35 degree light dome from Skipton, Leeds and Bradford.
    Site A is the best , it's high and the darkest especially if there is mist in the valleys to trap the light pollution. It is exposed so no good in windy conditions.
    Site B is a small disused quarry face  lower down the hill which is our most used location as it offers protection from wind and light.
    Site C runs along the stream but laybys have recently been grassed so pull offs are harder to find. This location is safe during icy conditions which make hill drives a little dangerous.
    I recommend this location for when you need somewhere much darker than our regular city locations. Not to far but the trip is worth the effort!


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  14. 17 minutes ago, 2STAR said:

    Looking clear Tuesday 1st Nov tomorrow night for the backyard, couldn't make Keilder due to family reason in the end, could have maybe risked Saturday but poor weather forecast made the decision for me in the end.


    Shame you missed Friday Eric...you would have experienced one of those elusive Kielder starlit nights!

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  15. 2 hours ago, Soupy said:

    Great weekend. Marc and Helen came up Friday and I took them straight up to Kielder camp site. They decided to stop there. I traipsed home then returned for the evening.  Good choice as the skies cleared well. Still some high cloud but wasn't too bad considering.

    Met up with Gain, Tony and searched out Derek (physopto) had a really great chat and a lovely beer! Cheers Derek!

    Stayed till late then travelled home. Back up on Saturday with the kids for the talks which were excellent. Then the pub for tea. Skies were cloudy so took kids home early. 

    A pretty good weekend! And great to meet so many lovely people at Kielder star party. 

    Just back from Kielder myself...Marc and Helen left just ahead of me! Seems they had a great time.

    Got almost two hours on Thursday night and Friday night was a treat from 7.30 till 1.45...just shows you shouldn't put all your trust in the weather forecast. Saturday night was cloudy with odd stars appearing from time to time..

    it was good seeing Soupy and the kiddies on Thursday, Friday and Saturday! Great times on the field and in the warm room/ and pub.

    Over 70 turned up to my talk and received alot of positive feedback for it....

    My 24in was on display and even managed to setup the AP rig but did almost no astronomy as I was too busy socialising and enjoying a  few strong bevvies ( no kids yay!). Made it an early finish last night (2am) unlike the previous two 6am bedtimes.

    Just an amazing few days spent seeing old friends again and meeting new ones!..

    Shame there were not more WADAS members present!


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