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  1. Yep, V poor. Hopefully we might get a better show next month.
  2. I like them, They are bril. Just started doing some imaging my self with a xbox cam. Just wish I could get close to those.
  3. Just got this book too, (tried to get it at IAS) . Cant wait ti give it a try. Stuck in side at the moment after another eye opp.
  4. Thanks v much, thats exactly what I want. Funny. I just orderd an X box cam so ill be modding that per this site instructions.
  5. That will do for starters. I must admit that i feel a bit wary of pointing the scope at the sun even with a filter. Will try and order one next week. Thanks for the advice.
  6. Hi, It looks like a video port from the number of pins, Doh! I got a new Toshiba Satellite 855 as I managed to get a nasty virus on my desk pooter. The mount is the cheapo AZ goto mount that comes with the SW 127. My plan was to be able to control scope from pooter and find some sort of camera to display on screen.
  7. Thanks for that. Will see about getting one. Yep will be carefull of the sun, especially as i only have one good eye.
  8. Had realy good day yesterday, I was the guy walking round in a daze with droll coming from my mouth! As a newbie it was a real eye opener.
  9. Just got myself a new laptop and have noticed it has got a serial port, With my SW127 (goto AZ mount) I had a lead for such a port. Is it possible to control my scope from my laptop or is this only for updates? Was thinking of using one of the Sky softwares to point it for me so i dont have to get off my bum!
  10. Just came back from the IAS and was very impressed with the solar shots. What do i need so I can safely look at the sun. I would rather buy some sort of filter ready made rather than trying to bodge one my self. Thanks
  11. will look out for you, ill be wearing the red rose! lol
  12. Never thought to look in there. Lol. thanks.
  13. Yes , I would like to now as im off there tomorrow. First time to this type of show and Im realy looking forward to it.
  14. Thanks for the replys. Im using a Kodak sure shot and the lens of the camera fits into the scope eyepiece socket perfectly. I tried it directly into the scope and also via a 2x barlow but in both cases couldnt get focus, although Saturn was visible on the camera screen as a fuzzy blob. I was just wondering if a longer tube attached to the scope would help.
  15. Hi, not sure if this isnt going to get laughed out of the place but. I have been using my fone to get some images of Saturn, which i am pleased with but last night i found that my point and shoot camera when on the lens fits in perfect into the tube of the scope ( SW 127). the only problem was that i couldnt get focus. is it me being naive or can this be adjusted by using a tube or other means.
  16. Also had a good view of Saturn, First time for me and what a site!!!
  17. Brillliant night last night, so clear and got to see Saturn at last :grin:
  18. Reading this thread has been most enlightening. I am saving my pennies for a 10" skywatcher Dob. Hopefully compliment my SW 127 Goto.
  19. Have booked for Saturday, Never been to any Astronomy show before and I am real looking forward to see whats there.
  20. Glad it was not just me then. just wish i had managed to see the red spot!!
  21. It seemed to be a clear night tonite but I had difficulty focusing with the higher power eye pieces. Was it just me having a moment or was the viewing not that good tonite? I was using SW127 with an 8mm, my 15mm seemed to give a better image.
  22. Thanks for the pointers. I have just found another dob, a Gso, any thoughts on them?
  23. Hi. yep its Orion USA. I did wonder if they where the same. I take it the Orion UK do there own scopes? and whats the verdict on there Dobs if they do them.
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