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  1. Hi. Im have just been advised to speak to you about SW evostar ED72. Im looking for another scope to use with then replace my SW 130 PDS. Im using an ASI1600mm pro for imaging and it works ok with my 130 but want to take out the collimation problem and have an easier to use scope. What are your thoughts on the scope and have you  had any problems or things you need to make it work for you. 

    All the Best


    1. paulastro


      Hi Simmo

      I've recently put a review here on SGL and copied it to the listing for it at FLO which is where I bought it.  I suggest you read it and please pm me back if you have any more questions.  I'm pleased to help out any way I can.

      I just love this scope, it's excellent in every way really is a bargain.  I can't see anyone not liking it.

      Very best regards, Paul

  2. Help I need help

    1. ronin


      Care to elaborate ? If actually Astro related the main forum pages will be better.

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