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  1. did you see any good galaxies or planets that night? all the time we had snow it was cloudy so no good viewings for me, i was stuck to fiddling with stellarium
  2. i have recorded all of them :hello1: :hello1: :hello1: 3 hours of pure viewing :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  3. yeah ill look out for one like that as im more for planetry imaging oh and im restricted to it with my telescope :oops:
  4. anybody know where i can get a camera for taking photos with my telescope? im on about £60 max on the camera and ill need it to fit a skymax 127- supa trak
  5. i watched both of them a good way to pass the time
  6. tonight looks clear ill take a few pics and post here keep watch on this page :mrgreen:
  7. thanks loads it worked =] merry Christmas and a prosperous new year
  8. IVE JUST GOT MY NEW SKYWATCHER and im wondering with the scope does it come with the cable to link up to my Skywatcher PowerTank 7Ah or do i have to buy seperate? im just hoping it does come with it but maybe i cant find coz maybe i have done a stupid thing and lost it... :crybaby:
  9. good job getting in the magazine =D man i must get a picture in there!
  10. im thinknig of buying this looks a good scope for its price
  11. im already feeling at home and btw every1's dream telescope is thousands upon thousands of pounds and thats not including the mount
  12. awww well i got it wrong =[ but good old timetraveller told you correct
  13. hello! we all welcome you to SGL you will hopefully feel at home here as we are all kind :hello1:
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