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  1. Yep. That did the trick. Nice work! Thanks for a great capture program.
  2. Robin, FYI. Something has gone amiss in version 2.1.1028. SharpCap loads fine but crashes when you click "Cameras" to select the camera you want to use. Version 2.1.971 works fine. I sent a crash report from within SharpCap.
  3. Nicks90, very interested in your project. How are you coming along? I have two MS Lifecams working with my rooted 10" Tosiba Thrive running a version of CM10 developed for Thrives in particular. I can record video from the webcams but the problem I've run into is FULL control over the cameras. Especially in the areas of gain and focus control. I have one camera that is unmodified that is connected directly to my EP's (this is the one that gives me focusing fits as it will automatically try to refocus itself on occasion, ruining a shot), and the other is modified and used for prime focus shots. In both cases, gain cotrol would be huge. Both cameras overexpose. What I think it's going to take based on all of my hunting about the web, as you've already alluded to, is a dedicated App (similar to SharpCap) that gives full contol over the camera and will record in an uncompressed format (no small feat there) and a dedicated android webcam driver that allows control of the aspects I mentioned ( no small feat either). Right now, I'd just be happy with gain control. It's the one thing I simply can't get around. Keeping an eye on this thread!
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