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  1. I think you've solved my problem: my camera isn't a DSLR. I'll have to have another go with the Orion adapter. Thanks very much!
  2. Hi again, Apologies for the double post, but I can't edit yet: I had another go last night, and tried inserting the DSLR directly into the telescope body, but I'm still not having much luck - or any at all! I read that the Skywatcher 130 is useless for photography, as it can't bring objects into focus. Is this likely to be an issue for the 150p? Have I got the wrong end of the stick altogether?
  3. Hi all, Could somebody please advise me on the setup for an Orion Steadypix Adaptor, a DSLR camera, and a Skywatcher Explorer 150p - for basic point and click imaging? I've attached the adapter to the eyepiece and sat the camera on the cradle. I have the camera pointing at the eyepiece but I either get blackness (too close) or an image of the eyepiece (from about 1 cm away). If I'm lucky, I'll get a pixel of a star for a brief second but, basically, I can't get the view into the eyepiece, if you see what I mean. I have the same issue with using a smartphone camera. I have what I believe is a c
  4. What's the difference between EQ3 and E5 (I notice it goes up to E8)? It sounds like it's gonna be expensive regardless of what I do! I suppose I'm looking for something like this, ideally. Is it possible to buy a 'plug and play' motor and go-to set that will work with my existing EQ3 and 150p? It might not be the perfect option but it'd tide me over the winter! Thanks for the help
  5. Hi all, Hope you're all good. I bought a Skywatcher Explorer 150p (without go-to) in January and, after nearly a year of fighting with the EQ3-2 mount controls, I finally snapped the spindle holding the legs together. It kinda made me realise that the mount is killing my enjoyment of astronomy, as I spend so long trying to angle the scope correctly that I lose interest in what I'm looking for - and the up-down controls on the collar are so badly designed. With that in mind, I thought about buying a new mount with a go-to computer. I've already learned a lot about the sky from the manual cont
  6. Hi all, A bit of a hypothetical question - If you could take your telescope to the Moon and observe the stars, would you be able to pick out the same objects and constellations as you can from the Earth? I would imagine that the seeing is better, given the lack of a substantial atmosphere, but would there be any other major differences? Also, would the presence of the Earth in the sky cause major issues for Moon 'scopes? Thanks!
  7. Nice! If you look closely, you can also see the Tree Nebula on the right
  8. Scope won't be accompanying me back to the city. These are dark days indeed.

  9. I got the Star Gazing Live booklet from the Open University. It was pretty basic, but I learned that Jupiter is, in fact, a watermelon. Thanks for the tip!
  10. Pretty cool if it's something unique, and not part of e.g. the landing craft. On a related note, I was reading the comments on Curiosity's Facebook page this morning (after she uploaded the self-portrait). People are so desperate to believe that Curiosity is in a Hollywood studio that they completely disregard any evidence to the contrary. It's so sad. Anyway, the close-up of the image looks like a pair of binoculars
  11. I think I've been really fortunate. I've had clear nights for astro and clear nights to spare. However, I live in light pollution central, which more than makes up for the lack of clouds. I share your pain though; there were 12 days between when I bought my scope and when I finally got to use it.
  12. "THE BEST WE CARRY FOR LOW LIGHT COVERT APPLICATIONS" What exactly are they advocating?
  13. Interesting! Isn't it quite difficult to hold it steady? My Skywatcher hates any kind of physical contact.
  14. I've already bought 15 loaves of bread in preparation for one or two days of disruption.
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