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  1. Apologies....only just noticed this thread. My HEQ5 Pro main board failed a fortnight ago. Not sure exactly what happened but I attempted to power my new StarTech hub off 12 V DC power (via its terminal block) whilst it was connected to my PC via the USB B cable. Next thing I knew it was smoking and my EQDIR adapter was no longer working and the mount was unresponsive (although the power LED was still lit). Tried it with the Synscan handset and got the dreaded "No Link to M.C. Stand-alone mode" error. I was very careful to ensure I wired it correctly and I pretested it with my 12V su
  2. Thanks for this...I have genuinely never thought of loading my C9.25 onto the mount in this way... I always struggle to hold the OTA in the pit of my stomach whilst I fumble around in the semi dark, trying to drop it into the vertical ADM dual saddle. Usually when I do this, I tend to accidently push on the mount, which no doubt messes up the polar alignment. I will try your method next time, as it sounds a whole lot simpler! Thanks again...I can't believe I never thought of doing it this way.
  3. One thing I have noticed is that even if I see the Prolific comm port listed in Device Manager, I still sometimes cannot connect when specifying that comm port number in EQMOD. Sometimes I have to delete the Prolific comm port from Device Manager, turn off the mount and turn it back on and then Scan For hardware changes in Device Manager (or some other combination of those tasks)...then I can connect again using EQMOD on the port number shown in Device Manager. Steve
  4. If I were to have the four years since I took up this frustrating and rewarding hobby again...I would not buy my Power tank again (a 17Ah SW)... Despite not being inexperienced with Lead Acid batteries and being well aware of the need to keep them topped up at all times...the rather confusing LED charging light system on my PT conspired against it. Basically I was undercharging it, which killed its useful life. I have now switched to a 100Ah leisure battery with a smarter charger which works very well in my semi permanent setup. Probably not practical for those who travel t
  5. Neither would I. I think the LED light system on my 2011 SW 17aH PP was causing me to undercharge the battery on numerous occasions...leading to deep discharge and early retirement. I did come across a sticky thread somewhere on the net (maybe on this site) that advised caution using the indicator lights. And advised charging until the red light goes out (or something like that). Once I did that it was a little better. In the end I replaced it with a leisure battery which I am very happy with, although still needs monitoring of the battery voltage to ensure it is not discharged
  6. Hi, I too have a Moonlite on my ED120 refractor with their stepper motor and can really recommend it. It is a well made piece of quality engineering. I use it with my DSLR and I have not experienced any slippage at all (which was one of my worries with it being a Crayford). Tried the autofocussing the other day and after a couple of failed attempts, tweaked the settings and off it went and autofocused for me. Great piece of kit in my opinion. Steve
  7. I had a powertank but managed to kill it early by undercharging it (the LED lights are misleading I think)... As a result I switched to a leisure battery and a charger stored in my shed next to where I setup the scope. Not truly portable, but speeds up the setup time, if you don't travel out into the sticks.
  8. My thoughts... The problem I have found with jumpstarters (I had the 17Ah SW one) is that you need to be really careful with the recharging. The charging lights on mine were very confusing leading to undercharging and too much discharge. This shortened its life and eventually made me switch to a 100Ah leisure battery with a dedicated smart charger. This is proving to last much longer and was actually cheaper than the price I paid for the jump starter. If I was starting out again, I would go the leisure battery route...although I admit I do not travel far to observe (just to the
  9. Could it be that the polarscope illumination is actually on, but at a very low setting (i.e.it looks turned off in daylight)? I haven't used the handset since I switched to EQMOD, but seem to remember that I had to use the handset to increase the illumination to maximum...because I couldn't see the etchings on the reticle to do the alignment. Have you tried increasing the illumination to full? Steve
  10. Hi All I'm Steve and after lurking on the forums for the last 18 months, I thought I would introduce myself... I have been on the planet for over 40 years now and although I had an early interest in the Solar System and an A Level in Geology, I never really looked up until now. The recent addition of a couple of kids prompted me to relearn some of the knowledge I have lost over the years and so about 18 months ago I bought myself a pair of 15 x 70 binoculars to have a look at the moons of Jupiter and the Moon and from then on I was hooked. After soaking up as much knowledge as I can from this
  11. I did toy with moving further away and sitting in the front room, but I am at the 15m limit for the USB cables and I like to stay a little close in case I order the scope to slew into the tripod leg, or some dodgy character comes round the corner and tries to make off with it One day I might wander back to visual observing, but at the moment I am fascinated with imaging...much to Mrs Metalman's annoyance, as it keeps me busy for hours.
  12. Hi Rob I also use this exact combination on my SW refractor and agree that it works very well, considering the price. I run my whole setup using EQMOD from a PC in my kitchen, including focusing my webcam using DC Pro and I think it's a great piece of kit. The focuser doesn't always return to the exact position as it is DC Servo based and not a Stepper motor, but it is near enough and I wouldn't change it at all. I do have to have the power setting on maximum to move the focuser at a reasonable rate, as i have tightened up the focuser to prevent it slipping, but I have had no problems in the y
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