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  1. Well, if you're sitting next to me on a bench, just because I can stretch my arms doesn't mean I can poke your nose...
  2. Gosh, what a bunch of morons!! Nothing is uglier than a 'clinically' organised garden...
  3. Very nice. Rich colours. Have you considered using brush markers?
  4. https://earthsky.org/space/milky-way-warped-twisted-study-cepheids
  5. emadmoussa

    Elephant Trunk Nebula

    Very ethereal. Good job!!
  6. Very nice actually. There's a good level of consistency and, I dare to say, persistence in the texture.
  7. I'm actually looking for budget ones and wondering if they're good enough.
  8. I've come across the generic ones on Amazon and Ebay, but they don't seem that great. I'll be using it in my 100ED mainly.
  9. I can give you a discount.. But seriously, what kind of scope are you thinking for the obsy?
  10. Good stuff. Now, find a large scope to permanently mount.
  11. They usually turn them off around 11 pm. But of all nights, last night they decided to keep them on all night. Speak of sod's law. I waited till 1:30 am and they were still on.
  12. I gave it a go last night. It was good indeed. In my 8-inch SCT, a slow scope, the stars were sharp edge to edge. I had an hour of roaming the sky before my neighbour's garden light ruined my night (I'm going to have a word with them, I've had enough). To be fair, at that point, the eyepiece itself was beginning to get fogged up; the stars showed hallows around them. It was so cold, -5 C, my scope and everything else got frosty allover.
  13. I need to save up for a mount first. Unless I can mount it on my shoulder like a rocket launcher.
  14. You know I've got a fetish for massive EPs...
  15. Meade LX90 8" and 100ED (don't have a mount yet).
  16. All the way from Hong Kong...at a great price...
  17. Good job! Followed. Want to see what transpires in the end.
  18. I've wanted this EP for quite a while, then I noticed it was on sale on AliExpress. Given I never used AliExpress before, reluctantly and apprehensively, I pulled the trigger and ordered it. After the seller's sale discount, AliExpress's coupons, and conversion rate, the price came to £190 + tax. It took exactly 2 weeks to arrive - much faster than expected. Opposite to the common 'astro paradigm', clear skies are expected tonight. NOW FOR SALE - CHECK ADS
  19. Brilliant obsy...but you clearly need a new phone ?
  20. Thinking about grabbing a 6mm or 4mm as this is the gap in my EP collection. If they're as good as their 100-deg wide-angle EPs, then you've got yourself a winner.
  21. There's a low fence. I thought I could double its height if I had to. The hedge is quite high and has been like that for years, I quite like it actually. Because our house is on higher ground, if they don't have the hedge, we can see everything in their garden from our garden decking. They're probably concerned about their privacy as well.
  22. Oh, yeah, often. My next door neighbours know I'm into astronomy and we're amicable. They looked into my scope and were amazed. The ones at the back are, thankfully, hidden behind their hedge. If, at some point, they decide to cut down the hedge, I'll be exposed to a whole array of houses. It might even ruin my astronomy.
  23. Aww, it's like your scope found its other half. That's a wonderful job indeed.
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