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  1. Hope the skies are clear. would be good to view this....
  2. Glad you got a magical sight. As you say This hobby can be frustrating, But it proves that with Time, Patience and dedication it can be very rewarding. Thanks for the inspiring description.
  3. Here is a picture taken with sharpcap. As you can see the image is off centre. although collimation is pretty good. Hope this helps understand my problem. Thanks Stevie
  4. Stevie406


  5. Yes the views were not bad before but the mirrors were really dirty and have been removed and cleaned. a few scratches on both (not me) not sure if the focus tube is out of line and that may be part of the problem. the spider is centred but i can not get a centred focus in sharpcap the image is to one side even then the secondary is pretty central to the focus tube.
  6. Hi guys, I have just collimated my scope and everything is lined up fine. The problem I have is this. When I look through the eye piece. I am unable to get good focus any more. I also need to look right in the centre of the eye piece in order to see anything, If i move my head at all, part of the image is getting cut. Any info to assist would be magic. My scope is identical to this one. http://www.teleskop-...with-mount.html Thanks Stevie
  7. Been reading through this forum for a few weeks now, Thinking i had so many questions to ask, But after reading i found all the answers i need. All the members are more than willing to give advice and to share their experiences. On a whole this forum is magic with a great group of members and well administered. The best part is no-one if afraid to ask the silliest of questions no mater what their knowledge is. keep up the hard work guys Thanks Stevie
  8. Hi Steve, Welcome to SGL and back to this magical hobby.
  9. There's another 150mm here http://www.ebay.co.u...=item5adec282bc but not heard of these and it's from Germany. I have the same brand scope 150-750. the focal tube is out of line and hard to collimate. no centre spot on primary mirror, and build quality is average to poor. Stevie
  10. Stevie406

    The Moon

    Pics of the Moon taken through the eyepiece
  11. I hope my first image is half as good. fantastic
  12. Just got my 2x barlow and lazer colaminator. everything lined up. what a difference it makes. now i can see things lol

  13. All the best from Wishaw area folks
  14. Stevie406

    Hi every one

    Welcome Francois I'm new here myself, i have found SGL to be a wealth of information covering every topic i can think of.
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