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  1. Hi Doc, I think I am set on the Skywatcher 130 as an all-rounder starter scope, from what I've read it will be the easiest to use as a beginner. I can always get a separate setup that's better suited for photography later.
  2. Hi! Mr Ab Solute Beginner here, please be gentle with me! Reading Sky At Night magazine beginner telescope guide this month I see that they recommend the Skywatcher Explorer 130, and reading a few posts here seems to confirm this. I will most likely buy this as my first telescope, however I have some newbie questions... The finder scope - can that be upgraded / replaced with a better one? What's good to have for finding stars, galaxies, etc? The mount - can a motor drive be fitted to enable long exposure photography with this (or any / all) telescope? What's a good motor drive unit, how are t
  3. Hi! I've been interested in the night skies for quite some time but never had the courage or disposable income to go out and buy a decent telescope before now. I'm thinking about getting a basic setup to get me started, and have come here for some advice. Hopefully I will come back time and again to report back and see what's going on in the world of astronomy.
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