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  1. A lot, thanks! Couldn't help reading 'Does this help?' in the deep voice Blackadder does in the episode 'Head' when he's pretending to be Farrow!!
  2. I think I need lots of pictures, instructional diagrams, and probably a video showing the exact procedure because at the moment my mind is in major confusion mode! Just wish I was able to take it to my local astro society (of which I am a member), I know someone there would probably be able to show me in a few minutes. Damn you, lockdown!!
  3. +1 for giving Goto a miss, unless you can buy the all-singing-all-dancing does-absolutely-everything-for-you which also costs-a-flipping-fortune, then it is going to cause a lot of disappointment for those times when it just doesn't work, or it takes an hour or more to overcome some finnicky setup woes. Even if you did buy that fancy do-everything Goto, if (or when) that refuses to work properly then you'd likely have even less clue about how to make it go (the more parts it has, the more there is to go wrong). I've owned a Celestron NexStar Goto, I know they can work well but also they can
  4. How do I put the primary dot in the Cheshire ring? That sentence makes almost no sense to me, sorry.
  5. I did some more fine adjustment to the secondary tilt, looks perfect to me now (near as dammit perfect circle when the Mire de Collimation circles are overlaid). So I removed the green felt and paper that was blocking the tube, and I'm left scratching my head because my next view down the collimation cap doesn't match Astro-Baby's, and doesn't match what she says (or am I reading it wrong again?) I don't know how to interpret what's going on here, my collimation looks so far out compared to the photos in the guide, I can't understand why. First photo is with the collimation cap, second
  6. Can't say that I know the mount, but just as an experiment could you setup the telescope (if it's possible) 'the wrong way around', so that what is usually pointing East is now pointing West. Run the telescope the 'wrong way around' and see if the error still occurs on the same side of the mount (e.g. if it occurred on the East side, then see if it now occurs on the West side). This should indicate whether it's something you're doing, something the software is doing, or something the hardware is doing. If it's still doing the thing on the same side of the mount then I'd say it sounds me
  7. The EQ3-2 is probably not the most precise tracking mount, but for a DSLR and typical fixed or zoom lens it would probably be fine, provided you get the polar alignment accurate (for this you probably need to also buy the optional polar scope, fits inside the mount). You would have to buy at least RA tracking motor to go with the basic EQ3-2, along with a suitable power supply (6v), and a vixen-style dovetail bar with a camera mount attached. You might want to have a look at the EQM-35 as a reasonably modern goto version of the EQ3-2. Quite a few scopes come with a 'piggy back' camera mount
  8. Definitely a tripod with 2" tubular steel legs, the 8" SCT isn't all that heavy or long, but a stable tripod is one of the best ways to cut down on vibration / wobble. After that, EQ5 / AZ5 minimum (in general terms, think of them as keywords).
  9. I would look at getting an A4 (or A5 if available) sheet of very thin polystyrene, it can be bought from model shops or online. It will have a white translucent look to it, probably a fraction of a mm thick. I've used this (sometimes building up one layer at a time) to shim moving parts that had too much slack in them, created a perfect fit. It needs to have a tiny fraction of play for it to operate freely, but it will be barely noticeable. The advantage of the polystyrene is that it has a very smooth and even surface, usually one side is matt and the other is shiny so you can decide which
  10. Some very sage advice that I'm sure comes from experience. At the moment I have chillblains (no doubt due to my poor circulation and an incorrect clothing choice when I went out to do some exercise in some deceptively cold sunshine a while ago) so my choices are limited right now especially when it comes to exercise, step at slightly the wrong angle and my toes will be in agony. The fingerless gloves with mitt covers do sound appealing, however I am dubious of the electrically heated kind for safety, so many cheap knock-offs around it's difficult to distinguish which will have been properly
  11. Yes, absolutely that's the shadow of the secondary being cast onto the paper, it didn't cross my mind that that's what @malc-c was talking about. You guys don't think there's tweaking to be done in the NW / SE direction? Looks like the secondary is still not perfectly circular to me, a couple of small tweaks of the mirror angle might just sort it. Btw I have black felt on my secondary glass edge, that's why it looks so dark in the photo (in the NW direction).
  12. For various hobbies I've bought direct from the USA, HMRC has different duty cut-offs for different types of goods, the info is all there for the reading on the HMRC website. Yes, it's a bit of a pain having to pay import duties and maybe VAT as well, but it's not difficult to do and any trader in the EU who really wants to do business overseas will sort out those so they're already paid as part of the price. Interestingly, never had to pay import duties on goods from China or Hong Kong, dunno how that works but seems to me EU traders could learn a thing or two from how that's done. Sounds
  13. Two factors have brought me back in, well three I suppose: The moon is bloody bright I've seen what I went out to see (Moon, Mars, Uranus... or what I think was Uranus, so it still counts ) It's bloody cold!!! There's a very keen wind blowing, frequently nudging the scope which is already struggling with the altitude (Mars / Uranus are still quite high just now). Five minutes and I start to feel my finger ends turning to ice, so cold to touch anything or even have my hands out of my pockets. Despite several 'get warmed up in the coat room' sessions I just couldn't sta
  14. Yeah, don't put your battery / power cable in it!
  15. I may be viewing things through a 'simple' lens, but I can't imagine it being all that difficult to do. HMRC works for other countries outside of the EU so that much should be a known quantity, the EU trades outside of the EU so that much must also be a known quantity, am I being too simplistic in expecting businesses to put these two pieces of knowledge together in a timely fashion, like sometime over the past four years?
  16. I've just been out for a reccy (first time outside today), not as bad as yesterday so long as I stay close to the house. Looks like Moon, Mars, and Uranus will be getting ticked off tonight for me after all. Hope those who can get out get to enjoy the sight too. @JamesF That was our garden for the past few weeks, thawed just this week and been very very wet since (with added two days of rain). It drains very well near the bottom though as we have proper drainage pipes there.
  17. This is the best I can do with my iPad through the home-made collimation cap (plastic film cannister with a hole in it). Which screw would I adjust though, or is it back to random guesswork? I'll need a diagram to explain why it needs moving towards N, I must be missing something.
  18. Trying my best to follow AstroBaby's collimation advice for my Skywatcher 150P reflector... Would love to hear some advice on whether I should just stop adjusting, or which screws I should concentrate on next as I'm feeling a bit overwhealmed / exhausted by this secondary collimation malarky. To me it looks like it could do with another turn or two, but I'm not sure which way to do it. Thanks!
  19. ...the garden is like a swamp! Anyone else got the same excuse? What's yours? I'll probably have to stand on the rockery with a pair of bins instead.
  20. +1 for two-star alignment, takes less time and should be easy to pick two bright stars far apart (ones that are easily identifiable in their part of the sky). If it fails then try a different pair. My two pennies: this is one of the main reasons why I gave up using goto at home, doing that star alignment was a pain and very frustrating when it didn't work (my SE mount also had a bad power connector so it would frequently reset, right back to the beginning!) Manual EQ mount is so much quicker and forces me to learn the night sky more. Goto is much better when it's on a fixed pier or yo
  21. There are some good quality refractors in stock if you're prepared to pay the extra (they're not the typical starter fare) and don't mind losing some aperture. Check Altair Astro. A refractor makes a great grab and go scope, easy to mount (EQ3-2/EQM35 is fine up to 102mm), no collimation to worry about, sharp optics.
  22. I've found that the Baader Hyperion 8-24 zoom is an excellent performer in the 8SE, and the 25mm Plossl is an excellent starter eyepiece (shove that in first while you do setup etc), just beware that the zoom is heavier so you may wish to balance for that before you do setup, or go for a balance between that and the 25mm Plossl. As Geoff said, don't spend a lot on a single eyepiece for the 8SE, you likely won't get the benefit, look to the Plossl ranges but also consider that the 8SE won't get a benefit from super wide angle eyepieces either (unless you go 2"), usually it will say on the item
  23. ...and that is why I don't tend to go out with a telescope when it's in the sub-zero temperature range! Also the risk of slipping on ice and landing hard on ice / frozen ground / tangled mess of equipment (which will probably land on top of me as well, somehow).
  24. Do you mean female at both ends then? I haven't come across such a cable or adapter myself, I'd probably consider buying the appropriate DIY sockets along with some suitable wire and make one. eBay can usually be a good source of such components in smaller quantities (though I usually buy more just because to buy one or two is very expensive per unit). There might be such an adapter in the form of an audio accessory.
  25. I don't know the Bresser mounts but perhaps there's a method to reset it to defaults (check the manual or Bresser website support section). In case you've done any configuration or setup in the handset then try to make a note of such settings first, go through every menu option and make notes of how everything is set. In the manual there's probably a menu tree diagram so you can take a copy of it and tick off each item as you check it.
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