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  1. Hello, I switch it off after finishing a session. I guess I will have to remember to enter the date and time when using the power supply.
  2. Hello all I have noticed that when I connect the power tank to the AVX mount using the cable and locknut, the date and time are correct. However, if I connect my power supply I brought sometime ago, the date and time is reset to 00.00.19 for the time and 03/01/00 for the date. If I reconnect the power tank with original cable the time still says 00.00.19 for time and 03/01/00 BUT if I change it to the correct date and time it remembers it for next time I switch on using the power tank. If I go back to using the power supply, it resets the time again to 00.00.19 and 03/01/00
  3. I have a 365 cover for my C8 and AVX mount. with tripod Seems to be ok at the moment. Not sure about leaving out in the British weather all through the winter though or if will survive a storm. Also, I do not recommend leaving the handset, camera, or autoguider under cover as they will probably get damaged by frost. It might also be a good idea to place a sheet over the mount and then place the 365 cover on top to give it more protection from frost.
  4. Hello I will be at the Wellington hotel in Boscastle, North Cornwall at Christmas again this year. Does anyone know any good stargazing sites (weather permitting) around Boscastle? I assume the headland would be god but really exposed! Mark Bowles
  5. Thanks. The AVX and C8 is definitely suitable for astrophotography, see my images and many more taken with the C8 and AVX mount on Astrobin. I will try out the new mount tomorrow evening - fingers crossed for clear skies, and I will post some initial findings here later.
  6. I have just had my Celestron AVX mount back from Dark Frame Optics (DFO) after a hypertune. Has anyone else had their AVX mount tuned by DFO and would be happy to share their data? I have a C8, 6.3 focal reducer with DSLR camera on the back so I would be keen to know what the maximum exposure time I can expect for both unguided and guided with my set up? I have seen conflicting answers from various sources. I don't think 10 minutes unguided is possible with a C8, maybe with a lighter OTA or DSLR with lens attached. Thank you
  7. Erquy, I have just read your comments above, many thanks for the information I will give it a go.
  8. I don't have this problem now I have upgraded to an 8 inch telescope.
  9. MarkbPlym

    Early days

    A sample of early attempts at astrophotography
  10. Hello Erquy Thanks for your feedback. I have not been able to find any information about the best setup for this mount or reliable imaging times and your information has been very helpful. I have only just started imaging with my new setup and already I have managed to double my previous exposure times from 15 secs on the Nexstar 5se to 30 seconds in a brief test. I don't know how to use the PEC feature without an autoguider which I don't have. Yes I have a Celestron 6.3 focal reducer left over from my C5, but I have not added it to my signature yet. I was using my telescope at a stargazing ev
  11. Hi, I brought the Advanced VX mount with C8 and StarSense. So far it has preformed very well, all objects appear in the centre (or close to the centre) of the eyepiece (25mm). Easy to set up although it still takes me around 15 minutes from setting up, balancing the OTA and automatic alignment but then its ready for a whole night of stargazing or imaging. So far I can get 30 second exposures unguided from the mount but I am sure I can get at least 1 minute unguided exposures for deep space objects (DSO's) but I have not tried it yet. StarSense saves time and effort manual aligning the scope b
  12. I purchased the Advanced VX and C8 package from FLO and I also purchased the StarSense gadget from Amazon. I am impressed with the whole package. I can now set up and auto align within 15 minutes (and getting quicker at it). The tripod is very sturdy and very much better constructed than my old Nexstar 5se. The mount and OTA are also well constructed and fit together nicely too. So far, I can get up to 30 sec exposures with nice round stars, I have yet to try out polar align as I am waiting for this feature to be implemented (properly) in StarSense. Overall the mount is very well made and easy
  13. I have got the 5se which I brought SH. I now wish I got the 6se now as you can get the HyperStar conversion kit for the 6 and image at f2 with 30 secs subs for DSO.
  14. I have found the 2 star alignment process results in objects being a little out of alignment in the eyepiece, but using Sky Align, objects are placed very near the centre of the eyepiece - except M57 - the Ring Nebula for some reason. The tracking of the SE scope is excellent for all objects. Check to make sure you have inputted the correct date (in American format - mm/dd/yyyy) and the correct time corrected for either daylight saving or universal time.
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