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  1. True but it's just keep setting the thing up again then assembling it. I no it's a good telescope, but just not for me. I should of taken a look at one in person before buying.
  2. It would help if the instruction manual was better laid out aswell, cos being a begginer i struggled with the setup. It is a shame as I was looked forward into stargazing with this scope aswell. but takes up alot of space.
  3. Having had the telescope and mount for 2 days I can't hide the disgust of how bad the instruction manual was, I have decided on packing it away and selling it, to big, to bulky and to heavy. wish I went for a celestron nexstar 6se now.
  4. I'm a newbie to and I got the same set up and all I can say is avoid, to big, to bulky and the instructions were terrible. had it 2 days and still struggling to set it up, so I'm going to pack away and sell it and get a celestron nexstar 6.
  5. It's a sky-watcher 200p with an eq5 goto mount. looks like I will have to buy a power supply then.
  6. I have just brought a scope and I want to connect it up to my laptop, would I still need a powertank or would the scope use the laptop as a power source?
  7. No it being more compact and portable ain't an issue at all. I suppose I could maybe save up and go for the heq5 instead so it would be more sturdy than than eq5 to hold the 200pds
  8. Hi guys I need some advice these are the 2 scopes that are in my price range as I have got £850 to spend. What one is better viewing into deep space and the planets? Richard
  9. Would the skywatcher 250pds be to big for an eq5 mount as I have got a budget of £930, or would a celestron nexstar 6 be better? Or shall I get the skywatcher 200p and eq5?
  10. Would the skywatcher 250pds be to big for an eq5 mount as I have got a budget of £930, or would a celestron nexstar 6 be better?
  11. Hi I'm just wondering what the difference is between the Skywatcher 200P and the 200P DS OTA?
  12. Yes my first scope, want something I can astrophotography with aswell, either the explorer 200p or the quattro f4 250mm, and for mounts be the HEQ5 skyscan or the HEQ5 skyscan goto
  13. Hiya guys, I deceided on 2 scopes and 2 mounts, but just need no what one to go for. The scopes I been looking at have been the skywatcher quattro f4 200mm and the skywatcher explorer 200p eq5 and the mounts I have looked at have been the skywatcher HEQ5 pro skyscan and the HEQ5 skyscan goto. With the explorer 200p can I change from the mount you geet to a different one? Richard
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