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  1. Jumping on the back of this and hoping someone could look over my numbers as I'm also in the market for a zoom EP. I'm fairly set on a OVL Hyperflex given the fairly good reviews and low price point, but weighing up the two different versions (7.2-21.5 vs 9-27). I currently own a SW Skymax 127 MAK (1500mm FL/127mm AP). My limited knowledge and bad maths tells me that the 9/27 is the more practical EP for my application... 7.2-21.5 = 208x-70x (Exit Pupil @208x = 0.61?) 9-27 = 166x-55x (Exit Pupil @166 = 0.76?) ...and then there's adding my 2x Barlow...which I think is
  2. I had a read this earlier, looking good thanks... This is however the page that's confusing me: http://www.flybird.co.uk/nature_sport.htm Which is accessed from here: (a pretty comprehensive looking site - and it lists Premier) http://www.flybird.co.uk/helios_roof_prism.htm
  3. Hi all, new to these parts and as in my welcome post, I've always had an interest in the stars and 2 years ago I went straight in at the deep end and bought a Skymax 127 GoTo. However, it didn't work out for me, not portable enough for my flat, never got it GoTo-ing and in short wasn't patient enough with it, so I sold it. Still, I find myself looking up and wanting to see more. So I've gone back to basics (the part which I skipped first time around) and am investing in a pair of 10x50 binos for Christmas. After trawling through here and reading a couple of articles, I was aiming for a cheapis
  4. Thanks all for the warm welcome...what a friendly place! The binos are on their way.
  5. A big hello from South West London - yes, another one! The light pollution is terrible here and living in a flat doesn't help much either so if anybody has any viewing spots they know of near Hampton, be sure to let me know! I've loved the stars pretty much since I first saw them and subsequently have had many amazing nights under them including a few ski holidays and the best being a trip to Tromso to see the northern lights... there were more stars than there was sky. Anyway, I've never really got technically involved with stargazing, that was until about 2 years ago when I went straight out
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