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  1. Thank you, ive just lost my pc today and all my data so ill have to start again from scratch as my raid died on my PC (thats windows 10 for you)
  2. Hello How i do correct this image i have stacked and taken of Jupiter the other night. It doesn't look like it should do ? Ive used what Free tool i have arround to do all of this but it looks pretty rubbish compared to some work ive seen. Planetary_Tv25s_100iso_1024x680_20160420-21h48m55s.bmp
  3. Hi All been a while since ive been on. I managed to get my self a new scope (celestron CPC GPS) from down south a few weeks back and purchased a Sky Link 2 because i know how bad it is running cables from my PC to the telescope and how much of a pain it can be. Ive managed to get the Sky Link 2 up and running on my computer but boy what a pain in the rear end it is. There are quite a few issues i have found with Sky Link 2 one being if you PC is hard wired into a network via RJ45 and you use a Wifi adapter to direct link into the Sky Link it will not connect correctly. After messing around i found if you disconnect the RJ45 hard wire and then wifi in to the sky link it works, then re connect the RJ45 again it works how ever that is the only way i got it to work. I found also if you try to connect to you home hub it simply does not work at all. A question for every one has any one found a way to connect it to you Hub instead of direct connecting?
  4. Excelent Helen. see you dont need to spend a fortune My Next Big mod after my handset decided to die and after spending way to long for celestron to replace it is this -> changed out the 700TVL Effio-E Cam and fitted it. Stages of the new build 1) Box from some electrical store. 2) Drilled Holes and fitted Camera Bord 3) Added Camera to Telescope adapter 4) Completed This camera cost £15.00 inc Dleviery + £1.99 for the box + £9.99 for the adapter = £26.98 The camera specs are below TV System - NTSC/PAL Image Sensor - 1/3 inch Sony HAD CCD Effective Pixels - 976(H)x494(V) Scanning System - 2:1 Interlace Scanning Frequency - 15.734KHz(H),59.94Hz(V) Sync. System - Internal Horizontal Resolution - 700TV Lines Min. Illumination - 0.001Lux S/N Ratio - 50dB (AGC OFF) White Balance - ATW / MANUAL / PUSH AGC- ON OFF IRIS - Electrical Auto IRIS Shutter Speed - 1/50~1/100,000 sec. Video Output - 1.0Lx0.2Vp-p, 75ohm(BNC Connector) BLC - ON Power Supply - DC12V 0.5A Operating Temp - -10℃ to 40℃ Dimension - 38mm X 38mm Lens - not used OSD Language English When i get some time ill take some pics of it in action. This is camera is for guiding only but im looking for a much better mount now over the celstron one. Im not going to buy a celestron one though and am thinking about getting a ST5 or ST6 mount .
  5. This is for star tacking though not for picture taking as said i have a decent dslr or the photo taking.
  6. Ist the 12v goes to a battery and the Video out goes to video in on the capture card. Your specs are close to the same as mine. How ever yesterday my nexstar+ handset died on me for no reason and im now stuck lol.
  7. Will do its got a 1/3" CCD so we can see how it goes but alas the weather is miserable tonight .
  8. Ive been looking into web cam modding for star tracking and noticed the over inflated prices people are paying for cameras that are well pretty much rubbish for star tracking. Web cams are just pretty much useless for any thing but planet imaging and unless your willing to spend a small fortune you are not really going to get what you pay for unless you mod the hell out of it. So ive set off on my merry way to make my own cam mod for as little as possible. I have no interest in high definition cameras as i have a DLSR camera for photo work and would just like a star tracker that doesn't kill my bank balance and have my wife murdering me because i waisted £1000+ on some that just say see that point of light, follow it. On with the show as they say. First i got a Smoke Detector hidden Camera from Hong Kong. The item is definitely is not what it is described as in its listing as it says "700 TVL Hidden CCTV Camera", it is a 600 TVL which has a much higher lux rating of 1.0 Lux not the stated 0.001 Lux how ever the asking price is £12.00 so is a bargain never the less. This was got off the bay ofc. It arrived with in 5 days of ordering whoot I then pulled the camera out of its housing and mounted it directly into a Box i got from Maplins form there bargin bin for £1.50 and removed its eye peace and replaced it with a Phillips web camera adaptor. I will be connecting it up to a USB TV capture card that i all ready own and know works. I have all ready tested the picture quality which isn't bad and seems to pick things up in the dark quiet well with very little light. I just need to now test it out when there is clear sky's next time .
  9. a few more updates to the scope just need so clear skys now http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ArJPWVlrgOI
  10. Oky another mod to my scope. "what do you mean that focuser wont fit !!!!!!" Celesron 102GT with focuser fitted. I will paint the cut marks on the scope later on. All i have to do now is fit one to the star tracker and i think we will be finished.
  11. I must post as well how i have got my EOS 1100D on 9V to run from the power tank as ive seen loads of people paying a small fortune to do this and having there eye balls ripped out. As you know running Mains to DSLR is not a good idea esp in the rain and getting a 12V to DSLR for a 1100D is dammed expensive how ever i solved this problem really easily. I bought a cheap Main adapter kit from the bay -> http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ACK-E10-AC-Power-Adapter-DC-Coupler-Kit-For-CANON-EOS-1100D-Kiss-X50-Rebel-T3-/251150496700?pt=UK_Camera_Chargers_Docks&hash=item3a79bc73bc&_uhb=1 Chopped off the mains power converter and thew it in the bin. Bought a DC/DC 12v to 7.5V step down kit -> http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/260828019477?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 And replaced the mains power with this and now i can connect my EOS 1100D on a 12v direct from the power tank. This gives me hours apon hours of time to mess on with out the need of any battery's. Perfect for them long nights and the whole kit came to £15.00 which is much better than the £75.00 some people are charging. I know expert at astrophotography but im saving a fortune learning how to do it all my self.
  12. Hi there thank you for the explanation. Ill have to look into this next time i get a not so windy night. It was a bit of dog the wind and rain effort last night with itchy fingers to try and get some shorts taken. For the Bluetooth set up is quite easy. I used this adapter -> http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261134863208?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 to get the remote connection how ever in a effort "to see if it could be done cheaper" I used this smaller cheaper Bluetooth adapter connected to the celestron mount (wireing is not that hard and i dropped the voltage to it using a resistor from the 5v line on the power tank. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/270953956243?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649. It worked perfectly fine with Android Sky Safari Pro and at £6.98 is a bargain in comparison to over rated and over priced named branded stuff. How ever our range is reduced to about 25 meters. With the more expensive B232BE I managed to get 80 meters plus distance (including going though wall). The system all so worked fine on a Dell PC (and my water cooled PC) using a £1.00 Bluetooth USB adapter how ever again distance is reduced. Id suggest getting a Good 100M USB to Bluetooth adapter. Don't be tempted to go for 2 x "B232BE" as it doesn't work due to the coms communication hand shake aspect of it. All so when wiring up the handset pins 7 and 8 (DB9 to RJ45 adapter) must be connected together to fake a receive signal .
  13. My first test pic last night on afocal Cannon EOS 1100d Exposure : 1/100 Iso : 100 Focal Length : 1000mm Unedited photo : extremely windy night.
  14. aint got a clue what your talking about all i know is it works. the finer details i leave up to every one else to discuss ...
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