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    astronomy, cosmology, and physics. also video games, movies, and computers.
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    currently in japan but from oklahoma

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  1. Just remember,Gallileo once came up with heliocentrism,the ludicrous idea that the earth and other planets orbited the sun. I think it was actually copernicus who introduced a sun centered model of the solar system. Galileo just used a telescope to provide experimental evidence support this theory.
  2. Thats anothering i need to do is study up on using star maps and finding stars. I have a few guide to astronomy books but am always looking for more info. Any suggestions?
  3. i was also considering that. but the telescope is most likely gonna be my christmas present from my mom. so i thot it might be a good idea to have both. that way i can search the sky easier with binos and then after finding something i can use the telescope to see in better detail. im thinking 10x50 would be great for what i want to do and im leaning towards orion again. if any other suggestions id love to hear them.
  4. has anyone ever thought about leap year when it came to the 2012 apocolypse. im pretty sure that calendar was created before leap year was created so it should have happened already. lol.
  5. if offered and i dont have a family of my own i would definately do it. cant be worse that living on an aircraft carrier.lol probably easier to talk to family to.
  6. think i found the first forum i might actually keep up with.

    1. tingting44


      nice, what scope you got?

  7. this a really nice pic of jupiter with red spot and everything. sugoi (japnese for awesome)
  8. hi everyone, im looking for my first telescope. ive done some research on brands and have decided on orion. im in the miltary so i travel a lot so i based my seach off portability. i started my search on amazon and found Orion Observer 70mm Equatorial Refractor Telescope. its not necessarily small but its light enough to carry with out worry. then i checked out the official orion site and found Orion GoScope 80mm TableTop Refractor Telescope. this one is much smaller and for the same price. im mainly intrested in bright object observing. but im not quite sure which of these is best suited for it. any advice would be appreciated. thank you wishing you clear skies, kyle
  9. hi my name is kyle. i have been intrested in science as long as i can remember. then one day i discovered a show called the universe. after seeing one episode i was hooked. after watching it for many season i came to the realization that this is what i want to do with my life. so i started buying books on astronomy, cosmology, and physics. i have built up a good deal of knowledge about how the universe works and all the amazing things the universe contains. (supernovea probably being my favorite). i was in the middle of the ocean one night and i looked up a saw orion. i pointed out my favorite star (betelguese) to my friend and he ask me what it looks like through a telescope. then i was slammed with thought of "i have never even looked through a telescope let alone seen a planet or star." so now this is my next step. i look forward to learning about stargazing and having others to talk to about astronomy. thank you. p.s. sorry yall if that was long but im bored with nothing else to do. -wishing you clear skies, kyle
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