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  1. I fear you are preaching to the converted Cotterless Which is a shame, as if you try to raise the problem with the general public if you're lucky you get a 'meh' response & if you are unlucky they set the pcso's & cops on you Bring back the ARP wardens making people think about what they are doing & getting them to use all these blinds & curtains that are fitted up & down the country that never get a night of use because people are too lazy & uneducated to understand what they are doing *goes off to rant in silence to avoid getting banned*
  2. I wonder if you can still get the 2009 Galileoscope ? That £20 one I suspect that it would provide much better views than the scopes in the OP, of course you have to provide your own tripod/mount but at least given how light it is, any half decent camera mount will do instead of needing a dedicated astro one
  3. I dont think its the case for HiFi units, as people just moved on as technology like MP(insert number here) / AAC / AC3 / FLAC & computers become more handy and useful for that kind of thing. Likewise with bikes, lots of people get them in the summer and then come winter realise it means cycling in the wind / rain / snow & ice and decide to knock it on the head or try to do the 'fitness' thing & like gym memberships the enthusiasm fades leaving the bikes unloves & unused. With telescopes however, it might be the case. Telescopes are woefully misunderstood by a lot of people & often dept store scopes promise the unobtainable in magnfication figures, use the cheapest availabe for mounts/tripods so the whole thing wobbles as you use it and people do end up getting annoyed, especially as some of these 'dept store' scopes are not at all cheap. Tasco scopes from jessops anyone? So yeah i tihnk in the case of astro its more than possible its the reason, of course all the others apply to, the excitement fades when people realise it means freezing yourself to the core just to see a tiny lil object in your EP with minimal if any colour & sometimes life will get in the way of things you want to do etc.
  4. Always good to get the sky at night calendar Nice that they helpfully point out the important astro events, mind you the Astronomy Now wall planner is pretty handy too Considering the average cost of calendars & diarys getting one free is great
  5. I didnt liken anyone to them & I'd appreciate it if you either read my post or refrained from putting words in my mouth that I've never uttered thanks, much offence taken! I asked if we as a society would like to end up like that? Its a reasonable question given the media kerfuffle over this & other previous incidents of peoples clothings supposedly 'offending' whole swathes of humanity.
  6. No apology was necessary or required. If you are that offended by a peice of clothing then its much more likely that you that needs to think about things. Such a shirt wont stop girls or women from going into science if thats what they desire to do, at most if they think of it at all they'll probably think 'what an ugly shirt' and move on, like everyone really should do. Or do we really want to end up with a stasi like fashion police killing anything that isnt plain uniform grey so it cant offend anyone?? Iran anyone?
  7. I'm guessing i'm the only one in a khaki german army parka with the fleece lining Keeps you exceedingly warm and plenty of pockets for gloves / hats / hard warmers and the other stuff you need to survive the cold Yeah i know its not fashionalbe, but its warm even if it is heavy
  8. No you are supposed to be celebrating the fact that the plot (ie the 'terrorism') was discovered and failed, ensuring that democracy & the rule of law preveilled arcorss the UK (that the burning of the guy part) The fireworks part are supposed to be asymbolic reminder the Elgov that they are not immune from their acts in parliment & that if they repress the population too far someone will take action and maybe next time they (& the rest of us if its someone even more repressive) may pay the ultimate price As such its worth allowing bonfire night with associated fireworks either on the 5th or the nearest weekend is acceptable assuming all the usual caveats are followed, such as has been mentioned, no letting them off after 11pm (but then most things like this should be listed as; 'use your brain, your moron' in acts of law imo)
  9. I tend to avoid the mini-pcs, they are built normally using the cheapest kit available (ie the kit most likey to fail first) and are such a convoluted design that their heat dissapation is terrible. If you are looking on scan and have the space for a full-sized pc, they keep an eye out for the haswell pentium anniversary bundles they do, which are normally pretty good, case/psu included and come in at around £240ish for cheap laptops morgancomputers.co.uk are a good starting point. they sell a lot of job lot refurbs, usually manufacturer refurbed or old stock. They also have 'desktop' systems that are quite small & some terminals from time to time which are worth consideration
  10. You know I find it very interesting that at a time where there is very clear scientific evidence (which can be presented in a way as to be understandable by the majority) showing that having too much light at night is in fact bad for human health, not to mention wildlife of both flora & fauna varities that people will still insist upon trying to make night into day. It gets worse when LED streetlights are considered as the blue end of the spectrum is the worst for prevent the diurnal cycle which evolution has taken several billion years to decide that life requires, rather arrogant of humanity to decide in less than a century that we know better dont you think? LEDs are worse btw, as the ones used smotly sit firmly in the blue end of the light spectrum. Whatever happend to pocket torches? Are all these streetlights really needed? I mean cars have headlights & are legally required to keep them fuctioning & to use them in the dark. And everyone should remember that streetlights were not invented for safety, they were invented so that output from power stations wasnt just lost when the factories shut down for the day Think I ought to stop now, i'm getting ranty about it :(
  11. So what can be expected? I mean towards the NE from the back of my garden was an orangish glow that seemed to rise & fade a little And usually in that direction there is no LP glow as there is nothing but fields & fields for miles So, possible viewing?
  12. While Lasers are no doubt handy and can produce quicker results than other methods, it is worth remembering that the laser has to be accurate in order to get accurate results back. If you search for posts about laser collimators you will no doubt find many mentioning how they have had to first collimate their laser tool before suing it on their scope So the assumption that lasers are always more accurate is not always true
  13. I'm surprised people are so amazed at me doing that, surely someone else has tried similar ? Storm lanterns arent expensive anymore, so you dont have to damage good examples or ones you'd rather keep for power cuts etc and its always handy to have one about, not just for the light but for the warmth too
  14. I just used some hammerite smooth paint, and put a thinish layer on the outside of the glass. Its relatively heat-resistant (not heatproof) as the kind of heat such a lantern can put out in a cold environment isnt enough to affect the paint as long as you let it dry properly. I've touched it up in a couple of places with just red nail varnish and nothing bad seems to have happened. You do get a lil white/yellow light out of the top where the vents are, but its such a small amount I'm not worried about it at home, but i wouldnt advise using it at a star party for that reason
  15. Solar scopes would be better I would think, as in the summer most scopes wont get a lot of use. Perhaps some small easy to setup scopes (like 4/6inch maks/scts) to compliment some PSTs or other solar scope types You might consider some camera obscuras (you can get wooden ones which are pretty robust) for an intro to solar observation safety If they are still made the plastic galileoscopes (http://galileoscope.org/) are a great little kit to introduce telescope making & basic ideas about lenses.
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