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  1. I've been using a sheet of white paper, either on the inside tube behind the secondary and opposite the focuser, or rested on the top of the black cap covering the primary mirror. I either get a black reflection (primary cap) in the secondary against a white background, or a white reflection against the black background of the tube. What are the shortcomings of a collimation cap? Would you recommend something else?
  2. I loosened the three set screws first before adjusting the central screw. I figured that loosening the central screw would move it towards the primary and tightening it would move it away.
  3. Hello I have just purchased my first Newtonian (Skywatcher FlexTube 300P f/5) after many years of owning a small refractor. I am starting to work my way through the collimation process, but seem unable to centre the secondary mirror in the focuser view. I am using a plain collimation cap which I have inserted into the focuser, i.e. no site tube or Cheshire. I can adjust the secondary mirror so that it is centred in the axis that runs between the sides of the tube, but not in the axis that runs towards/away from the primary mirror. It seems that no matter what adjustments I make, the secondary
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