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  1. taken the other weekend, Orion Optics VX12L NEQ6 ZWO120mm guide cam with PHD2 modified Canon 760D with CLS filter Baader coma corrector 18 x 4mins at ISO 3200 DSS PSCC & Lightroom
  2. I'd like to do it again as images from ground based observatories show it has a tail, but we need clear skies
  3. thank you, it's actually been visible since late July but with the moon phase, low on the horizon and clouds it's been a difficult one to tie down, I chose to image it near M35 as it was easier to spot but had to wait from midnight until 0245 before I could start taking captures
  4. light pollution, low on the horizon and moon made it a little difficult to find
  5. I was out the same time as Mel but about 15 miles apart, here's mine form Oxfordshire too
  6. wow some great images coming in, gives us all a better chance of identifying what we have, I tried last night but have yet to see what I've managed to capture as we were all out Lyrid spotting too till 1am
  7. taken Saturday evening in the rear garden modified Canon 60D 125 Canon lens CLS filter mounted on an astrotrac
  8. thank you for your comments, it was an inspired image as I thought I'd never seen a Ha image of the moon before
  9. taken back on the 1st of February with a Skywather ED80 with 0.85 reducer modified Canon 60D and 12nm clip filter
  10. I was working in Ha due to the full moon imaging the Horse Head and Flame Nebula so thought I might as well capture the moon
  11. or alternatively if you want the "take it anywhere" version and use it for solar imaging try the Walimex laptop tent, I've had one for over a year now and are brilliant but not cheap
  12. thanks Martin, no I dare say that's as unique as the ISON ISS one I got in 2013
  13. on the 6th January I didn't manage to get out before the moon rose and by the time the ED80 was set up some high level cloud had appeared too but managed to get some decent images and one with a meteor in it too
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