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  1. Thanks, you are really kind :-). Cheers, paulo
  2. Thanks TJ :-). The new version will have better star color (already done). But I will try all again with 3 nm filters next year...and sooner (because here I have problems getting -20ºC in July and August, and the differences are clear between the -10ºC and the -20ºC subs). About that M42....everytime I saw it I remember my Canon 40D and I really would like to have it now just for the M42 (with the QSI532WS is impossible because it will bloom like crazy). My goal then, was to make a HDR with subs from 15 s to 720 s, and at leat 16 of each. Unfortunatelly I only did subs to 480s and only 8 or 9 of each till 360s and 5 for the 480s. Then the clouds appeared for long, long time and in the meanwhile I sold the 40D and bought the QSI. Cheers, paulo
  3. Thanks to all again. I was very busy for a while and only saw these comments today. I'm thinking in a new version of it, that I will post when ready. Cheers, paulo
  4. Thanks for seeing my image and for the comments :-). I'm glad that I'm not boring you with my trunk! Cheers, paulo
  5. Fantastic M27 . I allways like to see the OIII in the outer shell (because there is lot of OII signal there). The AO seems to do a great work. It will be in my shopping list (that should be specially great in the astrometry department). Congratulations Martin! Cheers, paulo
  6. Hello all, Not a RGB because is impossible to make a RGB from 5nm narrowband filters . Anyway I allways try to do this when I have Ha and OIII data! The data is the same as the HST image I posted earlier except that I only used the Ha and the OIII. Processed as L= Ha R= Ha G= Ha + OIII B= OIII As like the HST processing I have lots of variations for "pseudo RGB processing 1" but I will post for now the one I like the most. I managed to bring some star color but as I said not easy (impossible)to get the real thing. For what I saw in the web the main stream is the mangenta/red style but I went another way! Cheers, paulo
  7. Thanks again for all the very kind replies :-). At this moment I'm constructing a false RGB with the NB channels...not that easy (I'm comparing it to the "6 star" image of this object made at the Cappela observatory in pure RGB, mainly to see how the colours should be). I will post the result shortly. Cheers, paulo Regards, paulo
  8. Thanks to all for the kind comments that make me very happy :-). Too many nights without sleeping indeed (I have not automatized my AP sessions...but on the other hand I can ear the silence and see some firing objects entering the atmosphere!). regards, paulo
  9. Thanks Andy :-), I'm glad you like it. Regards, paulo
  10. Hello all, This was part of my summer project (the other part was the NGC6888 + Cygnus bubble in false RGB....but the weather ruined my plans and I only have the Ha data ). Here the data of the image: Tak. FS102NSV @ 632mm QSI532WS-M1 from -10ºC to -20ºC Date: started the 29th of July and ended the 29th of August Ha - 13 hours OIII - 10 hours SII - 10 hours Processed in the Hubble palette with aditional Ha signal for the Luminance. I have 14 proofs for "processing version 1" untill now and I let you here one of them. Regards, paulo And a 100% crop of the trunk
  11. As a PS, I would like to add that the name of the discoverer is Pascal Le Dû...so the name of the PN (Dû_1). As someone said, no I have the full Dû catalogue :-). Cheers, paulo
  12. Thanks Mick. And after a search at SIMBAD/CDS....just right to it there is (photographicaly speaking) another one the PN G094.5-00.8 ! This is really "cool" and I'm asking...why they did not saw it before? Here the photo with both locations:
  13. Hi, At the 18th of this month, french amateur astronomer Pascal discovered a planetary nebula while photographing a sh object. What a great moment that should have been . Today I manage to find about 2 and a half hours without many clouds (from 21h30 to midnight) to get some data of Dû_1. And yes it there! it is like the soap bubble nebula in cygnus but much more weak! So, congratulations to Pascal for this discover Tak FS102NSV @ f/6.2 + QSI 532WS-M1 @ -15ºC Ha: 120 min only (no much stretch possible) Cheers, paulo from portugal
  14. Thanks for seeing it and for the comments :-). I'm very happy that you like it. I will return to this object when I get the OIII. Cheers, paulo
  15. Thanks Dug. I know the core is different :-) (I have the more common version too with a X redish, but I like this one more!) Here my last version (I post only the 100% crop version). There are subtle differences (the sky, stars, etc).
  16. Thanks Tom. I will try a reprocess later at home (this is not the best place to concentrate myself :-)n). Regards, paulo
  17. Thanks for the comments. Yes I know that Olly, I had made a false RGB with Ha and OIII and then "merged" the stars from an ancient mod. 40D image, http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-deep-sky/107786-yet-m27-star-color-2008-a.html. The OIII really brings more detail to the core and it is visible in great extent in the outer shell too. But I made the current M27 only as an "appendix" to my main project for this summer (which I think to finish last days of august :-)). I even did not get the Lum and the RGB was made with M27 already too low in the horizon (from 2h30 - 3h00 am forward). Anyway I'm at Algarve now with great sunny days and the water is just fabulous so I should enjoy it with my family. Maybe I will give it another try when I arrive home before going to my observatory again.
  18. Hi, thanks for the comments but today I found the image too red indeed (processing at 3 am after a great day at the beach it is not good :-)). Here a new version and a graysacle one too: M27 - Ha(HaR)GB at 60% M27 - Ha(HaR)GB crop at 100%
  19. Hello, In the meanwhile from my Summer project (in progress...) I captured some photons from M27. The Ha capture started in June...and the RGB at the 3rd of August! Tak FS102NSV @ 632mm + QSI532WS-M1 @ -15ºC Ha - 15x 40min RGB - 16 x 5 min each ch. This is the first processing (and a quick one since I'm on holydays at the beach ). Regards, paulo M27 - HaRGB (60% from the original)
  20. Hello, I'm trying to squeeze all juice from the OIII envelope but that's a little bit hard. Next time I will use a narrower filter for the OIII. For now is only what I got! C9.25 + FR + QSI532WS-M1 @ -10ºC Ha: 36x10 min OIII: 35x10 min Regards, paulo
  21. Great to hear from you that you like it. I will try to get more next time! Regards, paulo
  22. Thanks. A Losmandy G11 Ovision was used. Regards, paulo
  23. Thanks again. Yes I travel 250km to my observatory each time I want to make some astronomy..... It's why I usually go there only once (for up to 5 nights) at the new moon. But my hollydays are close :-). Regards, paulo
  24. Thanks. Yes I need to solve it because it is "breaking the flow" :-(. I'm glad Ron you see it the first time with a photo of mine. Thanks. Regards, paulo
  25. Thanks for the comments :-). Ok, here another version (this one with more contrast and less nebulosity...to show the soap bubble better. And I put an arrow too :-)). Anyway I like the first version better! Regards, paulo
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