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  1. Thanks all :-) To finish this NEO fever, I let you this animation made with series # 3 (I made 11): 40 frames @ 700 ms. Cheers, paulo
  2. Hi, it's 1h55 here in portugal :-). I made 11 series of this one (for astrometric purposes). This is the smaller series with only 13 frames (the other have up to 100 frames with a much lesser integration time per frame) Tak FS102NSV @ 641 mm QSI532WS-M1 @ -25ºC No filter: 13x 3s @ bin 2x2 (I really only needed 300 ms to get it at this mag!) Cheers, paulo
  3. Thanks again for the kind comments :-) Cheers, paulo
  4. Thanks again :-) I really need to calibrate my lcd monitors....(completely different results from the laptop where I developed the images to this one at work :-( ) Cheers, paulo
  5. Thanks. Yes, it's hard to make LRGB with the KAF3200ME :-(. Even with an antiblooming routine it's impossible to me to get rid of those blooms! With an ABG camera it's easy to put tons of time in each light and process the signal. But I bought the QSI532 for scientific purposes...(?). I made the M81+M82 duo too, in LRGB! Let's see what I can do with those frames. paulo
  6. Thanks for seeing it and for the comments :-). Cheers, paulo
  7. Hello, I wanted to try this one! But with a NABG camera is very hard to get the RGB (the blooming is a serious issue here..). Tak FS102NSV @ f/6.2 + QSI532WS-M1 @ -25ºC Ha: 11x 1800s bin1x1 HaRGB with 9x5 mins subs of RGB at bin2x2. Cheers, paulo
  8. Hi, thanks for the kind words :-). Yes I needed some time to solve all the problems in assembling the 21 tiles (see map)...but I liked and I learned, which is allways nice :-) Cheers, paulo
  9. Hello, Finally got time to join all 21 panels made last 12 November. So I already have to blueprint for this project :-). I will need at least more 3 passages to get some sinal for a decent stretch! There's lot to be seen there ;-) Here some data: MOSAIC: -21 painels (Ha: 1x 900s) -FOV: 3º39' x 5º35' (diagonal 6º41') -Full: 5850 x 9049 pixel Date and gear: 12-11-2012 Tak FS102NSV @ 641 mm QSI 532WS-M1 @ -25C (FOV: 1º19' x 53') Thanks for looking. Cheers, paulo
  10. Thanks for the kind comments :-) The weather is still nasty...even at the Algarve! Obrigado Luis :-) Cheers, paulo
  11. Thanks for the comments :-). I hope the weather cooperates soon (but the forecast for the next 10 days is really nasty!). I would like to have at least 4x 900sec for each panel. Cheers, paulo
  12. Hi, My setup only gives me a 80 x 54 arcmin sky field so I needed a mosaic for this one! With just one night I only managed 900 sec (1 light frame) for each of the 12 panels of the mosaic! Nothing to stack for now! I could stretch it a little bit more but I prefer not to do it for now! Anyway there's something already there :-). And the Soul starts to show too....(indeed I capture 3 x 3 panels of 900sec of that one too). Data: 2012-11-12 @ Portugal Taka FS102 NSV @ 641 mm QSI 532 WS-M1 @ -25ºC Ha-5nm : 4 x 3 panels x 900 sec The FULL is more than 5000 x 5000 pixels. Cheers, paulo
  13. Thanks for looking and for the comments :-) I need to remote control my observatory soon! What a waste of good weather and good sky, despite the relatively large LP (I'm 250 km from it!!!) Regards, paulo
  14. Hi, maybe is my screen...:-) Yes Gina, my sensor is only 18 mm in diagonal so with my 641 mm FL I have not that much of FOV! But here we say "who have no dog go hunting with a cat" :-) The more I look at it the less I like it, which is great! I will reprocess it soon (today was the mosaic construction day :-)) Cheers, paulo
  15. Hi, Just a blueprint for a more serious project! All data acquired last 30th of August (full moon) with my FS102NSV @ 641 mm + QSI532WS-M1 @ -15ºC + Astrodon Ha 5nm. The mosaic is made of 8 tiles but each tile is only 2x15 min! Original size is 4048 x 5280 but I let you here a more manageable version :-). Regards, paulo
  16. Hi, thanks for all the comments! Now that I'm in another LCD/computer the color seems strange compared with what I "saw" yestarday in my laptop! I really need to calibrate all my LCD screens!!! It is why I should have a maturation period before posting images :-). First processing....wait a couple a days and then go to see! Usually it will be reprocessed :-) There is a little more signal in Ha as you will see...but do not forget that I have to handle the OIII too (taken with the full moon and only 30 min of it!!!). Squeaky, I do not like the GREYCstoration effect ;-). Cheers, paulo
  17. Hello, I'm trying to make a 8 tile mosaic of the Veil Complex! Since I had only one night to make it all....I only got 30 min of each tile in Ha. The mosaic is under construction! I managed to get 30 min of OIII data too of the Eastern Veil (NGC6995), the first piece of the mosaic. So I made this RGB of it with only 30 min of Ha and OIII...so no great stretching possible! All data captured the full moon night (30th of august).... Tak FS 102 NSV @ f/6.3 + QSI532WS-M1 @ -15ºC 2x 15 min Ha; 2x 15 min OIII RGB as HaOIIIOIII plus green ch tweaking! Cheers, paulo
  18. Thanks Luis for your kind comment about my bubble! Abc, paulobao
  19. Thanks all for the kind comments :-) Cheers, paulo
  20. Hello, This one was take with both the Tak FS102 NSV and the C9.25. Only Ha and OIII data were used for the final pseudo LRGB composition! FS102NSV: Ha-165min; OIII-135min C9.25: Ha-120 min QSI532WS-M1....yes, the HIP 115198 bloom!!!! Color to be "corrected" as soon I get my calibrated monitor! Regards, paulo
  21. Hello, thanks for looking at it...again :-). Kind of an obsession for this object due to the low signal I obtained even at bin 2x2 with a high sensitivity camera! Hope to get it when the temperature drops a bit! Cheers, paulo
  22. Hello, After collecting some more data I let you here what I got untill now... As a note I will continue to say that this is, by far, the most difficult object I photographed! Compared to this one, the soap bubble for exemple, is a joke! So here the gear and data: -Tak FS102NSV @ 641mm -QSI532WS-M1 -Astrodon OIII 3nm (11h15min @ bin 2x2) -Astrodon Ha 5nm (1h 25 min @ bin 2x2) Please see how faint is the OIII signal despite the amount of integration time (very, very low SNR). The Squid is laying in the Sh2-129 bed of Ha, with much more strong signal! There is only a small fraction (at the tip at left) of the squid that, apparentely, is visible in the Ha frame! The RGB is made with the Ha and OIII and a sG was created. I'm not completely satisfied with the "color balance" and I will reprocess it after deleting it of my brain !!!! This will be a main target for long time because the challenge to catch the OIII signal (a proper one, I mean)! Thanks for looking :-) The Ha signal at Sh2-129 The OIII signal at Sh2-129 The OIII signal but inverted And a Squid in the grill... Regards, paulo
  23. Hello, Made this one with Ha + OIII while waiting for the squid (which is my main target these days :-) ). Here version 1 of it. I need more signal and time for processing it but it is all I have for now ! Same gear as for the Squid and about 8 hours total time (Ha from last year's). Regards, paulo
  24. Thanks again! Really I would prefer a cold weather now! And I went outside and discovered 2 new nebulas....one huge fire at north and a big one at south :-(. The sky went from blue and cloudless to grey! Let see what happens at night (but I think I will do some darks and flats!!) Cheers, paulo
  25. Thanks for looking and for the comments :-) Thanks Derek for putting here the link. I will try to fry a little more this squid :-) (inside my observatory the temperature now is 41.7 ºC and the outside one is.... the hell in earth) Regards, paulo
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