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  1. I forgot the details: Tak FS102 NSV @ 641 mm QSI532WS-M1 + Baader NB filters 14x 720s for each NB filter R=SII G=Ha B=OIII Cheers, paulo
  2. Hi, Almost imaging again :-) In the meanwhile, here a fresh processed Pelican from 2009 data with older NB filters, mount and....manual focusing! Cheers, paulo
  3. Hi, No time to AP these days :-(. So, this is an image processed with 2009 fits (14x720s with Ha-7nm + Tak FS102NSV @ 641mm + QSI532WS-M1 @ -20ºC). I hope to get some new fits soon. HH555 insert at 141%. Cheers, paulo
  4. Thanks Olly. I remember I bought a 3nm OIII from Ian specially for the squid (because Outters used one!) . I planned a mosaic of this field for the summer (I did any photo from december because of the nasty weather we got here this year....and I've my observatory to far away from me :-() Cheers, paulo
  5. Your image is really nice because of the widefield background. Well done. Did you use 3 nm NB filters? Cheers, paulo
  6. Nice image indeed, congratulations I done this one just after discovery in 2012. http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/156201-i-fished-a-squid-ou4-0985-079/?hl=+squid +ou4 http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/156568-the-elusive-squid-part-2/?hl=%2Bsquid+%2Bou4#entry1583525 Cheers, paulo
  7. Thanks for your kind comments. My observatorie is 250 km away from my home....so I need to get the max of it when I come here :-) Cheers, paulo
  8. Hi, made last night in a hurry! Abell 85 Taka FS102NSV @ 641 mm + QSI 532 WS-M1 @ -20ºC Astrodon Ha 5nm: 11 x 1800s Roseta - 6 tile mosaic Taka FS102NSV @ 641 mm + QSI 532 WS-M1 @ -25ºC Astrodon Ha 5nm: only 1 x 900s for each one of the 6 tiles Cheers, paulobao
  9. Hello, Made these 6 last night from 1 to 6 am! The astrometry is already done and sent to the MPC No anims! Just the track and stack results for simplicity at the forum. Cheers, paulo
  10. Hi, There's lots of asteroids in the frames I captured las weekend (down to mag 24.5!!!). I could manage to make the astrometry for all asteroids up to mag 19 (there were 6 of them). Not that bad I think. for 60 sec subexposures at a low altitude target with a 102 mm APO. Cheers, paulo
  11. Thanks for the comments Cheers, paulo
  12. Thanks for seeing and for the comments. I got the mag values from Astrometrica (after the astrometric reduction). Cheers, paulo
  13. Hi, made last weekend at portugal :-) Tak FS102NSV @ 641 mm + QSI532WS-M1 @ -20ºC Astrodon NB filters All bin1x1 : 240 min each Still proofing (my monitor have weird color fidelity!!!) so I post 2 versions of it. Cheers, paulo
  14. Hi, From Portugal with the usual setup: Tak FS102NSV @ f/6.2 + QSI532WS-M1 @-20ºC Subs: unfiltered 60s each I made the astrometry of it for 3 days. Here only a sample made of some of the subs. Cheers, paulo 2013-10-07 session 2013-10-08 session
  15. Excelent resolution and colors :-)Cheers,paulo
  16. Thanks for looking and for the nice comments :-) Cheers,paulo
  17. Hi, it seems impossible to edit the last reply so here a less agressive treatement of the same target:
  18. Hi, thanks for looking :-) Here another version processed with an external lcd monitor...
  19. Thanks. As I suspected...seen in another screen at work and there's no doubt: It must be reprocessed in many ways! See you soon, paulo
  20. Hi, Still from last weekend. M101 LRGB (160:90:90:90) Version 1 processed with my laptop which have a bad color renditioin the native screen! Tak FS102NSV @ f/8 + QSI532WS-M1 @ -20ºC Cheers, paulo
  21. Thanks for the kind comments Yes the microlenses are a pain for LRGB images (but I bougth the camera mainly for astrometry and photometry so it fine) I will reprocess everything from scratch as soon I have a little time this WE. I have a M101 to process too. Cheers, paulo
  22. Thanks Gina. Here version 2.1 (My camera have no ABG so I have a lot of blooming to manage...!)
  23. Hi, Thanks. New version using an external monitor connected to my laptop (it is a Tecra with lousy color rendition in the native monitor!) Cheers, paulo
  24. Thanks for looking and for the comments :-) Anyway, after seeing M13 in another computer with more accurate color details, I know I need to reprocess it !!! paulo
  25. Hi, Finally 2 clear nights :-) Here the first 2 images I made: C/2011L4 and the 2 tales and M13 in LRGB. All made with my FS102NSV at f/8 (824mm) and QSI532WS-M1 @ -20ºC (so the blooms...) C/2011L4 (PANSTARRS) - Clear (5x4) M13 - LRGB (44:36:36:36) Cheers, paulo
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