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  1. Hi, This is version 1 of a 6 tile mosaic made with my FS102 NSV + QSI532WS-M1 (all data from the last 3 months) Ha data: 6x 17x15min OIII data: 6x 18x15min For a total of 52.5 hours! Processed as Ha - sG - OIII but not the usual red tone one! Cheers paulo
  2. Hi, Even if I have 1218 mins of Lum data (Tak FS102NSV @ f/6.2 + QSI532WS-M1) showing the IFN it is not na easy task :-( Microlenses and NABG of my CCD don't help either for a pleasant star field! Subs were 720s and 900s! There was severe blooming all over the field! For what I see here, I need: - a faster OTA (most of the images in the internet are at f/2.8 or f3.6) - a darker site (I have moderate dark skies) to bring the IFN to live. I will try 30 mins subs just to see what shows up (but I think I will blow up my CCD due to the NABG nature of it) I thougth it was easier for this one but it is not the case! Cheers, paulo
  3. Hello, From 6x 240s images obtained las 23th jan! There are 2 more asteroids (mag 19.0) that only shows when I stretch the images a lot more! Thanks for seeing it! Cheers, paulo
  4. Thanks for all the comments :-) Yes, it is an internal reflection (from the Tak Reducer). I used PS CC 2014 to produce the GIF (Used Fireworks from Adobe for a few years). It is very simple, really. Cheers, paulo
  5. Hello, From Portugal :-) 12x 150s Clear Tak FS102NSV @ 641mm + QSI532WS-M1 @ -25ºC Cheers, paulo
  6. Thanks Nathan. I used PS CC. Really easy. Cheers, paulo
  7. Hi, "A mountain-sized space rock is approaching Earth for a harmless but eye-catching close encounter on Monday night, Jan. 26-27. The incoming asteroid, named 2004 BL86, will be just 740,000 miles away (3.1 times farther from us than the Moon)" from Space Weather. Here my catch (25x 3s without filter). Cheers, paulo
  8. Hello, From last night: 12x 150s without filter. Tak FS102NSV @ 641mm + QSI532WS-M1 @ -25ºC Cheers, paulo
  9. Thanks for looking and for the comments :-). If the weather permits (not the case right now) I will try a 3 ch composition! Cheers, paulo
  10. Hello, Still adding signal for the original 6 tile mosaic! Now I have 90 mins for each tile which improved S/N but not enough! Processing is still a simple stretch with no fancy tools :-). I will improve that, specially the contrast, in the finished image! Image at 50% of the original mosaic! As usual: Tak FS102NSV @ 641mm QSI532WS-M1 Ha- 90min each of the 6 tiles Cheers, paulo
  11. Hi, Another opportunity tonight :-) Tak FS102NSV @ 641 mm + QSI532WS-M1 @ -25ºC 15x 90s Clear Cheers, paulo
  12. Hi, From 20:19 to 20:34 I managed to get a full sequence of images (between lots of clouds). 20x40s in Clear with na FS102NSV @ 641mm + QSI532WS-M1 @ -25ºC Cheers, paulo
  13. Critical is good, don't worry . I will try my best in the next processing! And I will try to watch the image in various screens (there is a tremendous difference from screen to screen not only color wise but in resolution!) Cheers, paulo
  14. Hi, 16x25 sec @ clear witt FS102NSV @ 641 mm + QSI532WS-M1 @ -30ºC It will be great in a few days without the moon! Cheers, paulo
  15. Hi Patrick, Thanks for the comments! All the 3 multi channel images I posted here recentely (The Wizard, The Crescent + Soap and the Pelican) are still in an early stage of production! I used a Tecra R840 known for bad color accuracy! From now on (I celebrated my 50th birthday yesterday!) I will use another kind of beast with 98% SRGB color accuracy and 221 dpi. I hope to improve the final results :-). Yes, I have lots of tools to use with PS and, I use PI (comercial version) too, since 2009! I will post the final (?) images in the corresponding threads as soon I process it! Cheers, paulo
  16. Thanks :-) Total integration time:more that 24h for sure! I will post it here as soon I reach my hdd! Cheers paulo
  17. Thanks for seeing my image and for your kind comments :-). Cheers paulo
  18. Hi, My first proceesed image this year! Data acquired september and october 2014! Tak FS102NSV @ 641mm + QSI 532WS-M1. Processed in the Hubble palette! For now i see it like this....first version! Cheers, paulo
  19. Thanks for seeing it and for your kind comments! Cheers paulo
  20. Hello, And I got this one too, late october! Same setup: Tak FS102NSV @ 641mm + QSI532WS-M1 + G11. Processed using the Hubble palette! Image at 80%. Cheers, paulo
  21. Greetings from Portugal, Finally I had some spare time to process some of the data I got last August (Crescent) and last November (Horsehead and Rosette), remotely from my observatory! The Rosette it's a mosaic made of 30 min Ha for each of the 6 tiles. It is just a blueprint for now! If the weather permits I will try a more time consuming mosaic of it! The Horsehead in Ha it was just for fun since my NABG camera cannot cope very well with bright stars! But after a deblooming fight the final result was ok! There's a lot of Ha signal over there . The Crescent and the Soap Nebula in fRGB (Ha,sG,OIII): well, this is my third iteration of this field! I got the data in August and it's a classic! Anyway I will give it another try (for the processing) since I have lot of Ha signal that I did not used! All data acquired with a Tak FS102NSV @ 641 mm + QSI 532WS-M1 + G11. Have a GREAT 2015 Cheers, paulo Crescent and Soap Nebula OIII: 80% Crescent and Soap Nebula in fRGB: 80%
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