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    I'm quite new to stargazing, (about 8 months) I have had an eye operation in those 8 months so technically 4 months I have been into this wonderful hobby, I have one big problem.....the moon!!!!! Whenever I got out to learn constellations and different parts of the sky, I always go back to the moon and just stare at it for hours!!!! (I have celestron 15x70) and tips to stop myself???? I do love looking at the moon but its stopping me learning the rest!
  2. What time is it highest in the south west of England? Trying to find info but can't seem to find any ;(
  3. And I have the flu! Typical! I have been gazing through the window, bit nothing beats sitting out on the balcony with a nice warm drink and the binos
  4. Might clear up soon????
  5. Where I am (Bristol) the moon and Jupiter are practically Side by side!
  6. My scope night app says clear skies tonight! So hoping it still is whe I get me binos out
  7. Nick82


    Only just moaned about only having 2 clear skies since Xmas and I have just been woken with the moons light!!!! Quicky grabbed my binos for a 20 minute glance!!!! The missus is moaning I woke her up bit who cares haha! First decent viewing in a LONG time, so for people who are moaning about no clear skies, keep faith as it will be your turn soon
  8. its because I have only just took the next step in stargazing and had some binos for xmas! Not fuming, just a bit annoying that's all, my time will come
  9. Had 2, yes 2 decent clear skies since Xmas day, FUMING!!!! Oh well, I suppose it's to be expected in England!!!!
  10. Nick82


    Been told its a zennox bit that's all she knows, I'm not there atm so can't go and see!
  11. Nick82


    Looks quite small so I don't know whether it'll be any good
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