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  1. Ok Pods have gone but what about the beach huts next to the river ? http://www.lucksallpark.co.uk/non-elec-huts/
  2. Have the non- EH beach huts all gone too ??
  3. simmo70


    Should be your neighbour at some point Friday cursing in the rain setting up
  4. I have 2 Storm Pelicases for sale. Ex demo but immaculate condition still have a tag on them and only wanting what i paid for them which is cheap if looking at pelicase site. If interested let me know ASAP as leaving friday: IM2700 Black empty other then top foam section RRP £199 asking £100 https://peliproducts.co.uk/im2700-storm-case.html IM26 yellow empty other then top foam section RRP £170 asking £80 https://peliproducts.co.uk/im2600-storm-case.html
  5. Agree take all apart and reassemble. 1 tip i now do is set every thing up witht he scope facing the floor and assemble up this way no way of missaligning threads or have gravity pulling down on the train of spacers etc. Ie when i set up i have Altair 80 triplet facing down then add the planostar then a filter wheel then a spacer then the trius 694, all weight is pushing down through the threads and scope and not at an angle. I also got the exact spacings from Altair for the FFR and starlight then measured for correct spacers which stay with the starlight only.
  6. Hi there, you will love the dark skies in Kielder as its a gold standard status from the IDA. When its dark its dark and i used to love volenteering up at the observatory when i worked shifts and visisted area on regular basis. When its good its amazing and so hard to see the main constelations as too many stars Not sure if this place is still in buisness as i know he was selling up due to health issues but its 2 mins from the driveway up to the obbsy so right in park http://www.staykielder.co.uk/ If camping in kielder campsite take wet gear as its known for being q
  7. Hi there, not knowing the area too well i can only recommend several that i have either been too or know of plus bit of a trek down south too. I have been to this site several times ( 14 ) and it holds the bi-annual astrocamp star parties in April and sept. The site for this event turns off as many lights as possible and the main road lights are turned off also plus a good star party too. womens shower block all new and mens is indoors and basic, small shop for essentials like milk bread etc. http://www.campingbreconbeacons.com/ http://astrocamp.awesomeastronomy.com/ Then
  8. might be interested as hate back breaking. whats the damage
  9. Is there anyway that the site can tape off and stop acess along ' dog poo alley' ? Last year an old deer casually walking here dog with white light blissfully unaware of the area was meant to be dark site?
  10. simmo70


    Just booked for 4 nights and the Hog as it did look goodd last year
  11. Just booked for fri-Mon. I will be arriving late on the Friday due to having to wait in for my boiler service and then Friday traffic !!! See you some point on Friday.
  12. Well you will have some company as requested 51a as has north and south views
  13. i have the following for sale also on stro buyn sell for pics: C9.25 fr dslr adaptor starlight 694 bundle and narrow band baader filters
  14. Hi Grant, what forum post as one in SGL 2018 pitch plan has not change and looks empty on Hare??
  15. Hi Grant, If you could release the pitch plan with what is left that would be great. Still thinking of coming if there is a nice space available. regards simmo
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