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  1. Incredible views! Thanks for sharing. Chris
  2. Hello and welcome to SGL! I'm also from Birmingham so also have the bane of light pollution! Haha. Anyway, welcome and fingers crossed for clear skies! Chris
  3. I know what you mean! But I/we all have to remember that that kind of mind blowing AP takes money.....A LOT of money lol. I'm going to attempt a wide field of view shot of orion with M42 soon then try out DSS for the first time so will be a totally different shot to yours but i think I will love having a crack at it all the same. Everyone should be proud of what they produce and not compare they're own work to someone elses! Just enjoy Keep up the good work! Chris
  4. Very nice shot! I really hope to be able to create shots like this at some point! keep up the good work. Chris
  5. Great image! I hope I get some clear skies soon to give this a try!
  6. I checked out your Flickr gallery and you have some real great photo's! i hope to be able to create something like that at some point in the future! but it'll be a while before i get myself a suitable mount for the DSO AP. I'm suitably happy with experimenting with wide field for now though Thanks for sharing though as it gives me an idea of whats possible with this camera AND within Birmingham! Chris
  7. You would be indeed correct there i was pleasantly surprised to see they had shown up! Thanks Roger, i had an idea that £250 would be the approximate price for the main body alone but im after a second hand one as i want the lens with it as i have two kids with lots of opportunity to snap some photo's . Much appreciated for the heads up on a good deal though! Chris
  8. Haha yep, photography and astronomy.....2 of the most expensive hobbies in the world? Haha!
  9. Cheers James, once i've saved £200 thats when i'll start looking at camera's and i'll be sure to look for those models in particular! shouldn't be too long, i have £120 stashed away from Christmas. Let the saving begin!!! Chris
  10. Again this seems like BRILLIANT advice! I had been thinking about how much a timer/controller would cost for one of these so this is amazing news. i would never have thought you would be able to get one for that price! And i figured that with any kind of AP a controller would be a pretty handy accessory to have. I am now officially saving for my own camera haha Cheers a bunch! Chris
  11. Thanks so much guys! I shall be looking and bookmarking the site now and shall download the software to have a look at too. Its nice to have such a helpful response within just a few minutes, much appreciated . I think im going to have to save up now for my own camera! Having photos that you know you personally have taken is a great feeling! Im hoping to go to Snowdon at some point this year with my scope and camera and to climb Snowdon itself so the skies should be immaculately clear in comparison and should get some really nice shots. Thanks again all, really appreciated. Chris
  12. Well, i decided i wanted to have a play around with a DSLR so borrowed my brothers 1100D and had a little fun trying out some shots of the night sky. Considering i live in Birmingham i was expecting the photos to be FULL of orange light pollution....there was some in the photos but not at much as i thought there would be so was a happy chappy! I managed to get some good shots of Jupiter and the Pleiades and also Betelgeuse in Orion...couldnt believe how many stars it shows up compared to the naked eye. i just used the standard 15-55mm lens (as thats all i have) on a tripod and was playing aro
  13. Wow, its amazing the results you can get afocally! keep up the good work! Chris
  14. Well, that's a great review on what sounds like a great evening! It's nice to hear that my new scope is of high quality and can be up there with the slightly more eexpensive scopes. I also found that when looking at Jupiter the image was a little small but does still have bands clear along with all 4 visible moons. I'm still waiting for some clear skies to get a first glimpse at a DSO though. fingers crossed for clear skies! Chris ps. Thanks for letting me know about your review! Was a good read....just wish I could have been there, sounded great!
  15. Im loving mine (the little amount I've been able to use it ) but hoping for some clear skies over the next few weeks. Fingers crossed! Chris
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