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  1. Complete astro outfit. Orion Optics 10 inch 6.4 dobsonian with OO dob base. Telrad, Centering adapator, and astrozap OTA cover. Also and in perfect condition and used once a 3 week old Baader MK 4 zoon, Baader 32mm Plossl and Baader 6mm Ortho. 4 Cloured filters and a UHC filter. These eyepieces look like they have never been used and come in a brand new flight case. The scope has a few marks on the OTA as you would expect, but nothing like a ding or dent. The optics are outstanding, the best I ever owned (3rd OO dob) Very sad and unexpected sale, it seems water and Mac computers are a bad combination and I can afford another one useless I see this lot, even then it is going to be secondhand. I use by dob a couple of time a month if i am lucky, I use a Mac everyday. I am more than happy to do a direct swop for a Mac of course (No PC Laptops) Price 495. which seems very good value for the lot too me, the zoom was 200 quid only a few weeks ago. I am in north Lincolnshire
  2. Hello folks Has anyone any experience of a altair astro 4 inch achro and AZ 4 as combo. I don't have much time these days and to be honest I no longer feel like spending the entire night out in the cold so grab and go is all I need.
  3. Started in a really minimal way, built up quite a collection of eyepieces and scopes. The longer I am in this game the less I have come to realise I actually need. I try to keep things to the absolute minimum these days and always buy secondhand. Better for the environment, better on the wallet, easier to use in the field.
  4. Could this please be moved to achieve please?
  5. Wanted a 11mm plossl, got an unused one kicking about? Cash awaits!
  6. This is after all a hobby for the vast majority of us, not scientific research, a hobby. Now you can contribute to genuine scientific research in the field of astronomy from the very computer you are reading this from, galaxy zoo and what have you. You might get lucky, you might be the very first, with your 22 inch dob to see a super nova no other human being has ever seen , but then you probably won't. if it turns you on to split stars with a custom built 3 inch f15 refractor then more power to you I say. If you absolutely must have a dob so big you need 3 blokes and a transit van to shift it good for you. Who cares, its just a hobby. To be honest I don't really get the point of this thread.
  7. I had a TAL 100RS, I liked it very much. At the time they had almost a cult status, that seems to have wained somewhat. Watch the sudden interest and rise in secondhand prices should that news be confirmed. Personally I would only buy a new one from FLO, they do a bit of a clean up on the optics before they send them out I seem to remember. Quality control means nothing in Russia it seems.
  8. Oh Joy. I watched the sky all the way home and its still clear. The scope is out and cooling, its still crystal clear and only a sliver of fast setting moon in sight...bliss
  9. Yes sorry to was the DS I mean't
  10. Just out of interest I was wondering why SW's 130P was not a more popular choice for those on a AP budget? They look like a very competent little reflector to me.
  11. You are very welcome, lots of help and advise on offer.
  12. Thanks for that. The mirror looks fine so no damage done. I think I will suffer the cool down time and the perilous journey downstairs, Its not worth the stress leaving it in the shed.
  13. Not in Lincolnshire I am afraid. Orion Optics offer a full service for any scope by any manufacturer though. You can send by courier too.
  14. Er same as that, fan since 81, first gig Deeply Vale in 79, Seen them a million times! I am from Macclesfield originally so your avatar means much to me, My cousin lives in the house next door to where Ian lived (and died) Although I was only on nodding terms with him but he was in the same class as some of my mates, I feel I know him better than I did. Anyway back to the astronomy Moonlights are fantastic and make an ordinary scope into something a bit special. In a world of mass produced items its nice to be able to customise your gear and make it unique to yourself. I have has Baader Steeltracks in the past, very good too but not in the same league as Moonlights. Only had a little twiddle with Feathertouch, never owned one myself but the quality shines through, tad expensive mind.
  15. Moonlights are lovely. I had one on an ED100, a utter joy to use and own. I really should have never sold that scope
  16. When I brought my scope in form the shed yesterday (for a little TLC) I noticed the primary had a milky quality about it. It quickly turned into full on condensation, which I put down to the usual change in temperature issues we all get. However when I had another look at the primary this morning after a night in the shed and it is covered in condensation. The shed is wooden and not a place I considered to be damp, plaster or cement never goes off and nothing ever goes moldy. The OTA cap is the usual old rubbish that OO seem to think is suitable to cap of an expensive telescope. I have ordered a AstroZap number which is allegedly breathable. The question is have I damaged the primary? There hasn't exactly been many opportunities to observe this year has there? So I have to assume that the primary has been covered in condensation for weeks on end. Its in the shed as the only place I can keep it otherwise is an up stairs back bedroom. Our little cottage was built in 1690 so getting what to me is a big unit up and down stairs is a nightmare. I used to have a 4.8 OO Europa dob in the past which wasn't such a problem, this one certainly is. do we think even with a breathable OTA cap I would still have an issue? Refractors it has to be said were much less hassle, I got to use them more too!
  17. The TeleVue 32mm plossl is one of the best eyepieces I ever owned, and I have a owned a few (Mostly TeleVue) I would have to buy another imminently should anything happen to mine.
  18. It has to be a steel legged AZ4. A very solid and utterly reliable mount. I would buy another in a heart beat. As affordable but decent quality grab and go a ED100 and a AZ4 is very, very hard to beat. With your scope it would be utterly rock solid
  19. Glad I didn't flog my dob! Spent the day doing a spot of maintenance on her today, fine tuning really...Happy Camper :hello2:

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