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  1. Im looking at a new scope to do some planetary imaging (Jupiter and Saturn) and hopefully it would make a good galaxy scope too and to be honest I’ve been going round in circles. I’ve just been brought a ZWO 224mc and seen that the ADC is a good choice to improve imaging, so thats on my list. Please any suggestions pros/cons? I would like to be able to do some visual with it but only as a secondary option. These are a few I’ve been looking at, but not limited too. Celestron edge hd 11 - but have read about mirror flop, so would add a moonlight focuser and need to do collimation, and right at the top of my budget. Skywatcher Esprit 150 ED PRO Triplet - should be a lot easier to use, but doesn’t have the focal length of the others. TS 12" f/8 RC astrograph - a true Ritchey-Chrétien telescope with 304 mm aperture and 2432 mm focal length - But again collimation and can’t find out much information about this scope. Really happy with my wide field TS optics scope. Newt - open to ideas and suggestions and know this will also need collimation. And any other scopes I should consider? one thing I’ve learned is there isn’t one size fits all. I've never had to do any collimating, and not sure how much of my limited time this would take up and how often it needs doing. But happy to learn this if the scope I choose needs it doing. Any advise/suggestions would be welcome, even if I’m completely off track. Thanks in advance.
  2. As above, I'd like to thank you all for your help, this hobby is very challenging (I like a challenge) and when you are muddling by, without the knowledge, it's hard to work out if it's something your doing wrong or a problem with the kit as in this case, and allinthehead without your help i'd have gone on thinking it was as it should be or the problem was elsewhere, the shop got back my faulty camera yesterday and confirmed they were seeing the same thing. I would like to thank First Light Optics, for great customer service.. They are loaning me a demo unit while mine gets sent back for repair. And even offered me to keep it if I like as it hasn't been used much, I am condensing this. Loan camera will be with me today. That is great customer service in my book.
  3. Thanks for everyone’s help and advice, I have emailed the shop, earlier today.. They replied and said they have never seen this before. I have emailed them more dark subs as requested and they are speaking to ZWO. I hope I get a quick out come as I’ve been waiting for the winters sky.
  4. Thanks for your replays, here are 2 screen shots, look's like latest drivers installed. The camera is 2 weeks short of one year old (only just got round to using the camera, had all intentions last year, but a new baby put stop to that lol) if these settings look fine then will get in touch with UK supplier
  5. Here are some pictures of my setup and I have just taken a 10 minute sub Dark at unity gain at -20c. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6bpwu5o4000pmkx/Target 1_600sec_1x1__frame1_dark.fit?dl=0 Due to not being able to get some of the metal ring pieces a part to fit the dust cap to front of camera (I have ordered some strap wrenches for tomorrow, good old Amazon), I had to loosely place dust cap on front of camera nose down like shown in the attached picture, but did place camera at the back of a draw and managed to close it other then the usb cable coming out the front side, very small gap, I had a battery in the draw to work the cooler and was set to -20c This was a new usb 3 cable, do you think I have a problem with the camera?
  6. Thank you too, yes there seems to be a large difference in dark frames between mine and yours.. My dark's were taken in a brightly lit office (not thinking this would cause any problems) as it was attached to the scope with the cover on. I will take another dark tonight, just camera only and as you described, I will do both a 60 second (as mentioned by Richard) and a 600 second sub and post here if you would be good enough to look for me? Thanks David
  7. Hi Richard, thank you so much for your fast reply. I took my darks in work, telescope wasn't covered, just on a bench and set to -20c I will try another usb cable, although it was a different cable that I used to take the Darks and Bias. I will try this tonight when I get home from work, using a different usb cable, if I upload this here would you mind taking a look at the dark frame? What gain would you suggest? Many Thanks David
  8. This looks a lot cleaner, I haven't tried another scope although I still have my Skywatcher Evostar 80ED I could use.
  9. Hi, interesting you say that.. To be honest I really not sure what's going on.. At first look at the processed subs it looked a lot better but yes I think you are right about it masking the problem. I do live in an extremely light polluted area. Here is a single sub, dark and bias, if you wouldn't mind looking? https://www.dropbox.com/s/0yj04ez864n2j3g/Target 1_600sec_1x1__frame1.fit?dl=0 Dark https://www.dropbox.com/s/yz8gd8ar0a58fdo/Target 1_0sec_1x1__frame1.fit?dl=0 Bias https://www.dropbox.com/s/bzqj7t2dw6nn2ya/Target 1_600sec_1x1__frame11.fit?dl=0 Light
  10. Bingo!! Thank you to everyone who contributed to this thread, Dark and Bias frames was all what was needed.. I'm so happy it's nothing more then that.
  11. Hi, I have started imaging again after 2 years of not getting a single result.. I have all new equipment after having an unsuccessful time last year in my limited windows I get, last year was written off due to technical problems (mainly me). And almost gave up then. I moved house six months ago and have a good view of very light polluted E,S,W sky, but due to small size of garden and various building, I need to be either at one end then can see North or other end and can see South of my garden, no real middle ground, so Polar Aligning has been a challenge, but I think i'm pretty close and I'm leaving the mount outside but covered. Here is a screen shot of 11 x 10 min HA subs from Sunday night.. Stretched in PS I was having problems over in this thread, but thank you to all those that offered advice, here is the 11 x 10 mins subs, with Dark's and Bias added.. It's only a start, but it got to the point of having no success for 2 years and I had tried several times without any luck recently with new equipment, that if this night proved another wasted evening I was going to sell the lot.. So feeling relived at getting some kind of image.
  12. I'm just making a dark's library, i'm doing 20 of each exposure. Probably start with 2,5,8 and 10 minutes. At -20c which is what I use. I'm currently in the middle of my 10 minute ones, the camera is set to -20c, and the lens is covered up, and the filter is set to HA. Does my dark's library need to contain dark's for each of my different filters? Or does it not matter about the filter?
  13. That's interesting about the unmounted filters, wish I knew that 10 moths ago, would have saved a fortune.. I thought a bigger filter would be better at the time, I can live with some problems around the edges of the image I guess. Yes I do have a copy of PixInSight (whole new learning game), so will try that and thanks for the suggestions
  14. Screen shot of my work flow at the time using SGP, just in case there is something obviously wrong, unfortunately you can't see the problem with the image in the background as it was not centred in the frame to show the problem at the time.
  15. This is what I'm worried about This makes sense and will try and do a dark library either tonight or tomorrow. It's the cooled version. I'm running a 10 meter powered USB 3 cable.. It's not the newer Pro model as I brought the camera about 10 months ago, new, but this is the 1st time I have used it. No Flats, just a single stretched frame using SGP stretch. 31mm unmounted filters. Thanks, I will try above 1st then try this.
  16. Just to answer your post 1st, this is a single 10 minute frame, no stacking was done, this is a screen shot straight from SGP, with it using it's own stretch function. Scope: TS 102 mm f/5.1 APO, ZWO 1600 mm-cool, ZWO Filter wheel with Astronomik 31mm Ha 6nm @ unity gain (139), -20C It is the 1st photo shot with this scope, filter, mount and camera. So with so many changes It's hard for me to find the culprit or is it just amp glow? Before this I used a Canon 450d with clip filter and a Skywatcher Evostar 80ED. So this is my 1st time shooting with mono, with new soft and hardware. IanL Thanks for your replies and will reply in a separate post.
  17. Thanks for your reply, so this is just Amp glow? I haven't done my dark frames yet, will take them later. I wasn't expecting AMP glow to be as severe as this.
  18. Hi, Please can I get some advise, I have started imaging again after 2 years of not getting a single result.. I have all new equipment after having an unsuccessful time last year in my limited windows I get, last year was written off due to technical problems (mainly me). And almost gave up. I moved six months ago and have a good view of light polluted E,S,W sky, but due to size of garden and out buildings, I need to be either at one end then can see North or other end and can see South, so Polar Aligning has been a challenge, but I think i'm pretty close and I'm leaving the mount outside but covered. Here is a screen shot of 1 x 10 min HA sub from last night and while I'm happy with the main image I have no idea what is going on around the edges, particular bottom right.. This is on all my subs including RGB subs. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what is going on? Camera ZWO ASI 1600MM, will update my equipment list below.
  19. I'm looking at ways of increasing my imaging and enjoyment time, one of the factors I face is I don't get much free time, general life and a new baby make sure of this.. However I still have an interest and looking at ways I can cut my set-up time down to a minimum.. I know this must be something everyone faces who are not lucky enough to own a dome or shed. So are there any other solutions to keeping things set-up but protected from the elements when not in use.. Right now and on a good night I'm looking at a good hour plus to set-up (probably made worse by lack of use and remembering everything). I've managed this about 6 times this past year if that. Twice I started with clear sky and by the time I had finished it was cloudy. Once I hadn't used it for so long I put the scope on the mount with the top plate 180º and spent all night wondering why I couldn't get any alignments (Noob mistake) I'm sure all of the above is something that rings true to most people and part of it, but has anyone found any other solutions? Pictures of your set-up's would be great to see or is there nothing out there and this is just part of the experience? One thing I brought was a skywatcher pillar, which I have left outside and in the right position before, this helped but only by a little bit as the head is mounted on by 3 screws which take time to do and undo, and I prefer the tripods height over the pillar which also helps to make use of the smallish patch of sky I have access too.
  20. I'm just about to push the button, does this look like a good combination and will it mount straight on to my SW80ED with Field Flattener?.. Will I need any additional spacers? Am I missing anything (other than knowledge, I looked but can't find that) I live in an area with reasonable LP, I currently use a CLS clip in filter in my Canon.. Will this new setup require something like this also? I already have planned my first target with the above equipment, it will be to get a reasonable image of M31 and then in the near future I will be adding some Astrodon filters to my arsenal.
  21. Thank you so much for your very informative reply, this has been really helpful. I'm glad 1.25" filters will work, I'm looking at this filter wheel, 7 x 1.25", https://www.firstlightoptics.com/starlight-xpress-accessories/sx-filter-wheel-1.html, can anyone see any problems using this one? it's cheaper then the EFW2? And can be be brought with T-mount front and back, which I think is the correct fittings Then a set of LRGB Baader and possible the Astrodon's 3nm, if I can bring myself to part with that much cash on 3 bits of glass. One question, will this set-up work/match my Canon 70-200mm F2.8L lens or would I need bigger filters? Or do I just use this set-up on my ED80
  22. There seems a lot of buzz round this little camera, like many I'm close to pushing the button, it's in my cart. This is going to be a big leap in to the unknown for me coming from a Dslr.. Any advice on suitable filter wheel and reasonable filter sets?
  23. Bit late to this topic, got to try out my Samyang 14mm with my Standard Sony nex6, on a trip to Tenerife a couple of months ago (light pollution from Playa de las Américas), I brought this lens as I had plans to buy a full frame Sony (now purchased) and knew it would work with both. This was one 30 second shot at ISO 1600, mounted on a small flexible, gorilla tripod.. The lens was a little to heavy but managed just. I can see some potential in the future with this lens. A 25s exposure on a crop sensor and stacking would have been better and would have elimated the slight star trails, full frame should be good for 30s
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