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  1. It annoys me no end when you're watching a show or reading an article, and people can't get their facts right...The only one I can actually listen to is Brian Cox. He is at least knowledgeable and you can't go wrong with him.
  2. Annoying when people don't look after a telescope properly, but just out of interest, lens cleaning...What is the best way to do it? =)
  3. How is the best way to improve my astronomy skills? Do you think joining an astronomical society would be a good idea? =)

    1. crashtestdummy


      either that or try and just meet up with some people local to you

    2. OrionTheHunter


      Thanks ... I looked into the joining an astronomical society but the local one costs £25 to be a member! A bit expensive for me, so the latter option seems more practical.

  4. The ISS is quite common in the sky if you know what to look for, because sometimes it appears like a satellite or similar to Venus, except it moves...I've seen it countless times and it really is beautiful and amazing!
  5. Currently waiting for sky to clear- I don't want to miss this!
  6. Typically it's cloudy where I am.... This always happens when something interesting such as an asteroid or meteor shower is going to occur. Typical really, but I'll still be out there with my binoculars if the weather's promising!
  7. Each time I want to stargaze, either with my binoculars of telescope, there is the irritating problem with light pollution. Living in a town, it is increasingly difficult to solve such a problem. Does anyone have any tips?

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    2. foundaplanet


      Agree, far better to have less quality outings than many poor ones. Dark sites totally change your perspective on astronomy..:)

    3. Qualia


      I think dark sites and LP cities (in my case) are both fun to work with. They require different skills, planning, and more importanly - expectations but can both offer equal moments of joy.

    4. OrionTheHunter


      Thank you! I am hoping to stargaze somewhere that has a fence or wall to block out much of the light pollution while in the town, but hopefully I can go somewhere darker soon. It's horrible having such an interesting hobby and being limited.

  8. Thanks...=) I think we've got an astronomy club in the nearby town, I'll have to ask about getting to a dark site and see if I can get my telescope up there! My neighbours have security lights and I'm surrounded by factories, which is a right pain when you want to see anything. I haven't even seen the Milky Way properly yet so hopefully I'll sort something out.
  9. I've just been out to stargaze and found the Andromeda Galaxy- never fails to amaze me.

  10. OrionTheHunter


    Astronomy is my main interest at the moment and stargazing is the perfect opportunity to get familiar with the cosmos. I find so many things within it fascinating and have decided to join this forum so that I can learn a few more things! =) I'm hoping that I'll be able to be more knowledgeable about astronomy soon. Living in this town prevents me from getting the most out of stargazing thanks to light pollution unfortunately, but I can still see some of my favourite constellations at least.
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