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  1. Got lucky a lucky break tonight just happened to be looking out into the back garden and there was Venus twinkling away at me, got the telescope out zoom in got it first time despite garden security light and the street lights in line with Venus. Managed to hold on to her for about 15 mins before the clouds rolled in. lovely crescent on view and my first viewing of Venus with my Meade 125mm.
  2. Looked out the back garden 30mins ago, lovely and clear, Jupiter shining away got my scope out to cool down only to find its now raining
  3. Well spent 1 hour in the garden getting to know the sky and my scope (etx 105 EC). Found Jupiter and 4 moons one on the left 3 on the right and saw 2 dark bands on the planet . Got Orion's belt but failed to get Polaris to much street light, but very pleased with my self.
  4. Good clear night nice and and cold. Live in plymouth UK, scope has been out cooling in the back garden for 15 mins now good views from the sw to nw, looking out over Dartmoor, any clues what i could see (perhaps should mention i am a noob as well)
  5. Grav

    Hello from Plymouth

    Thanks everyone, nice forum this... I've spent 4 hours tonight just browsing and have learned a lot already. Great stuff
  6. Thank you all for your help looks like i've managed to sort out my son's xmas present for me !!!!
  7. I hope you can put me on the right path reference which Barlow to buy. On E-bay there is an 31,7mm (1.25") Achromatic Super Barlow Lens Eyepiece 2x from Seben which is brand new for £14.00 or a Meade Series 4000 2x Short-Focus Barlow Lens at £32.00. Common sense says the more pricey one is the one but i always thought that German optics were among the best. My scope is a ETX 105 and the eye pieces are the standard 26mm, 17, 12 and 6mm. Any advice would be truly welcomed, Grav
  8. Grav

    Hello from Plymouth

    Thanks for the warm welcome
  9. Grav

    Hello from Plymouth

    Hi everybody I am new to astronomy and have plenty of questions to ask, advice and generally be led by the nose until i get an idea of what i'm doing and were i am going. I have bought an Meade ETX 105 EC with a go-to mount and have spent many hours trying to get to grips with the instructions, used up a load of batteries so have bought a power pack and now seem to be moving forward. Look forward to chatting Grav
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