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  1. Got up early so I could check out saturn Venus and Mercury yesterday. I was literally blown away when i saw Saturn! Like breathtaking. Just wanted to share my experience. Venus, very bright, Mercury not much to see, kinda dim. Omg Saturn was amazing though!!!
  2. Ha lots of replies! So i take it i should keep a log? Sounds good!
  3. So it's totally cloudy and rainy here, wishing I could go out and see stuff. Pretty much haven't gone a night without looking at stuff since i got my scope. Just wondering what I am in for as far as the future of my hobby goes. I have an addictive personality and tend to take hobbies to extremes; weightlifting, aquariums, now telescopes etc. Just wondering how often the average forum user observes.
  4. So i was looking for the Orion nebula, went the wrong way and saw what looked like a gold emblem pendant shaped thing. Its location is a backwards L shape off Orion's belt. Consulted the Skeye app on my phone and pretty sure it is M78. Under 56x it still just looked like a golden shining star, but the seeing was terrible.
  5. Alpheratz was the first actual star i looked at with my scope. Thanks for the tips.
  6. Just found a pdf of it in another thread.
  7. Tried to find this last night. Failed with my noob talent. Just need more practice I guess. How hard is to find without using binoc's? (as I don't have any)
  8. fenrisulfr


    So i watched the eyes on the sky youtube videos this morning and i totally got the hang of it tonight. We saw Jupiter the best we've seen it yet. We saw M45 which was totally cool! Lastly, we looked around Orion's belt but didn't see much. I'm totally happy. Oh yea and we are in the middle of a city with a ton of light, cant wait to go somewhere dark!
  9. fenrisulfr


    Greetings, My wife surprised me with an Orion 130st as an early a Christmas present. I've thouroghly enjoyed seeing Jupiter and its 4 moons and also the moon craters. Looking forward to seeing a lot more! Located near Columbus Ohio. Trying to figure the equatorial mount out......
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