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  1. Coming on really good, looking forward to see the end result
  2. Hi just an update, I received the extension tube for the scope yesterday, fitted it on and done a test run and all is now well i have perfect focus on objects. Thanks again to all that helped me on this, such a small bit making such a difference, now I can get back to imaging THANKS
  3. Thank you so much, I will be able to sleep well now and know that when the bit comes I will be able too go out and enjoy
  4. No it was second hand when I purchased, And no can't get any focus full stop, without holding the eyepiece up and away from the holder, I have ordered the it Tinker said about, as that does seem right as it will hold it where my hand was holding it.. Thanks for all the input guys super help, I was starting to think so many things you confuse your self bad.. will let you all know if it works ...
  5. Yes the extenders would make sense and thanks for the link there
  6. Hi no it's the first time I have managed to have the time at last too start using it. I have some pics in my Album of it when I first got it. all the bits seem t be there.. The lenses all seem perfect, well they must be because as i say I can get a crystal sharp image if I hold it away.. And I have no 2" eyepieces to use yet.
  7. I have tried it with and without, It brings it too a really bad fuzzy focus with one in but I mean really bad
  8. Hi there All long time since I have been here so very busy, But have a big help question and hope you can help, and if it's a stupid one sorry... here goes.. I have a sky-watcher D=120mm F=1000mm and takes 2" eyepieces, I have a converter so I can use my 1.25" eyepieces. I Took it out to set up as I have two scopes on my mount get them facing in the right direction and I can get no focus on my sky-watcher I have tried on close too tree's and objects that are ver a mile away ( live out in the countryside ) the only way I can get it to come into focus is to take the eyepiece out the holder and hold it by hand about an inch and a half away with the focus travel fully out.. all the eyepieces work in the other scope so it's not them... I have tried it with the cover on the end restricting light in and still not improvement, and it's really really frustrating me now. would it be anything to do with having to have 2" eyepieces that's the only other thing I could think of.. Hope someone can put some light on the situation Thanks stu
  9. it's a great feeling when you discover these things for the first time your self. I am still awaiting to get my new scope out, not one clear enough night still after three weeks of waiting.
  10. I got a nice new set of filters from the brother in law a new filter from my son and the book Turn Left At Orion from mother in law fantastic book forth edition. and a new tripod from the Wife. And a brian cox face mask from the wife
  11. Hi there I am no expert but from personal experience when i was starting out and purchased a whole set of eyepieces a set of 5 and payed £70 for them all, and was very disappointed in them the optics where not very clear or gave much of a FOV. So after that I have always just purchased single eyepieces at time when i can afford. I do find that the higher price ones are far more superior quality sharper views better FOV more solid fitment to the holder ect.. But like i say i am no expert just my views from experience there are people here who can give you professional advice.
  12. Went out side at 05:30 this morning after kids waking us up hypo and all the stars where shining lovely first time in weeks. What a super xmas pezzy. happy xmas all
  13. Hope you have some clear skies now to use and test. happy xmas
  14. I got the electric focuser and is one of the best things i have purchased just on testing the setup it is the fact that there is no movement of the scope when focusing, it used to be so anoying but no longer. no horrid vibrations. and it will do such fine adjustments its brilliant to fine tune the focus.
  15. Love the image very well done
  16. Wow that is a fantastic setup makes mine look a bit out of date. what's the box of tricks mounted onto the tripod legs? I guess the decking is so you can role it around a little easier. I will be so happy the day i can image M31 to a standard anywhere near that smashing image. I am trying to get to grips with my Starlight Xpress MX7C single shot color ccd camera. if we get some clear skies then hopefully I can start mastering it on the new scope. Then get the hang of the editing side of things, it's all a great learning curve should of taut this at school all those years ago. would of been more interested in learning then. cheers stu
  17. Hi there astrogardener many thanks for posting some more pictures, love the idea for the mount so simple yet so effective, it's great to see how people get around things by making there own specially when it's such a pricey hobby. Thanks again it's cured my nosyness. Cheers stu
  18. When I purchased the scope I had no diagonals or adapters with it this is how i managed to get the scope within my budget as he was selling it with these bits missing. But yes what you say makes sense to me, I just did not want to ruin the quality of the optics by putting the adapter or diagonal in a combination that would make the optics of a lower quality.
  19. Hope no one minds me butting in here but it seemed the ideal place to ask a quick question about diagonals, my new scope is a 2" eyepiece holder and I have a 1.25" adapter but i need a diagonal for the scope. what would be best to do Buy a 2" diagonal and use the adapter after it or a 1.25" diagonal and put it on after the adapter or would it make no difference. again hope i have not offended anyone butting in here . Many thanks stu
  20. Hi all Just looking for a little help advice and it's probably a stupid question but I recently purchased a new setup and the new scope has a 2" eyepiece holder, which at present I have got a 2" to 1.25" adapter, due to the fact all my current eyepieces are 1.25". So what I would like to know if possible is would it be worth me starting to buy some 2" eyepieces for this scope or would I really not gain a huge amount. it's just they are not that cheap for the 2" but if the seeing is seeing is going to be a huge improvement then i can justify buying them. Hope you understand what i am getting at and hope it's not too stupid a question to ask Many thanks stu
  21. Hi again that would be cool, sounds like you have a super set up, I am on my third scope now i started out with a Konusmoter 130 eq which got me started but it was bit of an old dog to be honest, so after about 18 months I sold it to get my first goto which ended up being a Meade etx80 at-tc after reading some reviews on it but wish i had kept the konus I just could not get on with it. And as my interests changed to astrophotography the clutch system on the meade could not take any weight for cameras or anything. So thats when i decided to put all my penny's together and get the setup i know have and love it so far. just wish i could get out under the stars now, live in hope that the weather changes for the better. cheers stu
  22. Just over two weeks now for me, New scope setup and some other new bits and no clear skies what so ever. I have the scope now i have the dark site just need some clear cold weather.
  23. Hi just wondering if there is any one from around the Crewkerne Somerset area that wants to meat up to do some astronomy at some point in the new year hopefully we will have a bit better weather by then?
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