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  1. I think we all need to give it time to find its feet, it was never going to be the same without Patrick. im sure given time they will find a format that works. at the moment they seem to be trying to get all the regulars into every episode. saying that i would like to see Pete and Paul resume there slot. keep up the good work guys. p.s maybe we should on mass contact the bbc about giving it more airtime.
  2. back to give it another go.

  3. im close myself too selling up and buying some camera equipment and a good pair of bino`s. going to give it two more months.
  4. Hi Bridgers welcome to SGL, good luck getting set up, looking forward to seeing some of your images once your up and running.
  5. Hi Steve welcome to SGL, atleast when its cloudy you can work on your plane.
  6. Hi MrZeedy welcome to SGL, bino`s are a great way to learn your way around the sky before getting a telescope, download Stellarium aswell and grab a planisphere to aid you.
  7. JonDoe


    Hi Csharmy welcome to SGL, enjoy your new telescope, if your lucky the clouds might clear so you can use it .
  8. Hi PaulR welcome to SGL, you`ve made a great choice clear skies and enjoy.
  9. Hi Mothy welcome to SGL, lucky you getting clear skies, hope it continues for you.
  10. Hi Shaun welcome to SGL, i had to use my bins to read your post , eyes aint what they used to be, Stellarium is the way to go if you want to learn the night sky.
  11. Hi Mike welcome to SGL, great choice if thats what you finally decide to go with, plenty of people here to give you some advice should you need it before ordering. enjoy
  12. Hi Baggiewrinkle welcome to SGL, enjoy your new telescope and good luck when you decide to take up Astro.
  13. Hi Jeffro welcome to SGL, enjoy your new hobby,
  14. JonDoe


    Hi Lisa and Lain welcome to SGL, great choice of telescope, Stellarium is a must, you can set it too your location so the sky outside is what you see on screen and as the objects move in real time its handy to learn the night sky on those cloudy nights ( you`ll probably use it more than your telescope ). enjoy your new hobby and your future hubby .
  15. Hi DoodleDragon and son welcome to SGL, good luck choosing a new telescope, the folks here will help you out making up your mind, if your working to a tight budget dont dont be afraid to try ebay. good luck and enjoy.
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