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  1. Hi Everyone thank you for your reply's unfortunately I have had to give up on Mars for now, but is their a best time of year to see mars?
  2. So I was finally able to use the telescope tonight without any cloud well for 10 mins anyway. Got some awesome views of the Jupiter. However, I set my sights on Mars on focused in on the little yellow feller and it still looked like a small yellow dot....? I am using an dob 200p and I had a 10mm lens with the 2 x Barlow barlow. I don't know exactly how that breaks down in to magnification numbers, but I would think I should at least be able to have a pretty decent picture of Mars with it, or am I wrong? Its hard enough to line up on anything with that magnification as it is. Course I’m ju
  3. Great view of moon, Venus and mars with the good old Dobsonian 200p in Cheadle Staffordshire :-)
  4. Hi Just wondering if anyone would have any advice on the best types of Apps for Android out on the wonderful Web, preferable free if not best value Apps. O does anyone have any special lenses that can buy pass the cloudy sky's as this been a bad year were I am based Cheers
  5. Hi Martin from Matt in Staffordhire
  6. Thanks everyone for your input very helpful now off to first light Optics and Ebay. Matt
  7. Hello, could anyone tell me is their a pacific Barlow 2x that fits to a canon T-ring as I wont to connect my Canon 1100d to my 200p Sky-watcher any help much appreciated. Matt
  8. Thank you for both your advice. As I am learning I just what to make sure I have the right equipment to enable me to take some pics of planets but to also gain experience to be able to move to DSO what I have so far is Canon EOS 1100D Digital SLR Camera with no modification with a T-ring and T-ring adapter with a Sky Watcher x2 1.25" Economy Barlow if I was to purchase a platform with the mentioned equipment would you think this should be sufficient enough for planetary photography but not so much on DSO Imaging? Many thanks Matt
  9. Hello I need some help I have a Sky-Watcher Skyliner-200P Classic Parabolic Dobsonian Telescope I have been looking at getting a HEQ5 mount though I am on a budget so I have been looking around and have come across Equatorial Platform has anybody used one of these platforms and do they do the same job as the HEQ5 mount as I wont to do some photography i.e. Deep Space and planets any advice welcome. link below for the platform http://www.equatorial-platforms-uk.co.uk Thanks Matt
  10. Brilliant, and thank you for the advice
  11. Hi, Would the Cannon Canon 1100D/650D do the trick or Nikon D7000? and thank you for your info
  12. Hi Phil, Thanks for the link will have a look but hopefully we should get some response to help us out. Matt
  13. Hi, I am looking at buying a camera to use on my Dobsonian 200p, does anyone have any recommendations on the type of cameras that you can use at a budget price £200 - £300 and also do you need to get the camera modified? As I would like to use it for general photography too, but also do you need certain attachments to connect the camera to the scope sorry about all the questions if anyone could help be much appreciated as always. Thanks Matt
  14. Hi, I have a question or two could anyone tell me what would be the ideal motor mount be for a dobsonian telescope 200p. I have been looking at the heq5 mount but not too sure if this would be correct mount would anyone have any suggestions on mount types for the dobsonian also as I am on a budget so if anyone have any suggestions on the best place to buy one it would be much appreciated the heq5 was between £500 to £800 mark. Many thanks Matt
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