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  1. Indeed. I've yet to get a motorized mount, but it's still nice to pick up some tips before spending a lot of money. I mean, the mount I could probably afford, but it's all the extras like guiding scope and camera, battery, a laptop as well.. It all adds up, doesn't it?. Heh.. But yea, looking forward to part 4.
  2. Part 3 is out for those interested. "Astrophotograph P3: Guiding Your Telescope" by Forrest Tanaka
  3. Here's the live Google+ hangout event by the way. https://plus.google.com/events/c8t7i5dbr1k50oq89giloiqe8rc 1 to 3:30pm EST
  4. I can probably make the adapter myself, thanks though. Was just wondering if it was possible
  5. Yea, I already use my dSLR for prime focus photography, but for planets like jupiter and saturn I need some magnification, and a barlow + dSlr doesn't seem to do the trick on them. Though, my scope isn't ideal for planetary, I know..
  6. Probably a stupid question, since I know people do EP photography with webcams.. But those are often modded somehow?
  7. Is it possible to just attach a webcam directly on a EP for, lets say, photographing jupiter or saturn? Haven't been able to test this yet as I don't have a laptop at the moment. But I'm pretty sure I'm able to use / create an adapter for my Lifecam Cinema as it's size and tube shape fits pretty good over an EP.
  8. Here's a question though, if anyone knows; don't you get more light onto your dslr sensor by using a 2" T-adaptor if your focuser has a 2" slot, than using a 1.25" adaptor? I see many people post 1.25" T-adaptors here, I don't quite understand why. At least not for prime focus on a 2" crayford focuser..
  9. You probably need to get your dSLR closer, so remove any extension tubes if possible. On my newt. I had to use the collimation screws as well, to get the mirror as far in as possible to achieve focus. I have a T-ring with a 2" coma corrector attached to it, which fits directly in the focuser without any adapters between them. If you have a 2" tube to put directly on your T-ring, then you should be able to get as close as possible. If I'm correct in assuming that scope has a 2" focuser with a small 1.25" adapter attached to it with screws..
  10. Just another tip, if you have a powerful enough computer, you could try and use 2x Drizzle in DSS since the ring nebula is such a small target. You do have to select a smaller area on the image within DSS to be able to use drizzle without getting an error after it's done processing. (Just by dragging over the preview image after loading in the lights, you get a red box whilst holding down and dragging where it says how big your crop can be with 2x drizzle.) I took this whilst the moon was up a few days ago, without tracking/guiding. Used 2x Drizzle in DSS from 100 ish subs. Not the best of cou
  11. Ahaa.. I see. Great tip about the amps, I would've probably missed that. Cheers.
  12. Sounds good enough for my usage then to be honest. My budget isn't very big, so the AVX is probably as far as I can go atm. So what else is needed to get tracking working? You need a power source as well I guess.. Is it expensive? Right, I'm moving soon, and I wont have a car then, so I'll most likely end up using it right outside the house, at least for the time being. So the weight shouldn't be a problem. But I have to say, from what I have read, it seems to be a good choice for a starter mount for astrophotography. Thanks for the info guys
  13. Yea, it's been hard finding info about it since it's so new. Oh, I see. Thanks for the tip!
  14. Any of you got this mount? I was looking at EQ5 for a while, but it can't really carry as much as I'd like it to. With my scope + dslr and a guide scope it would probably be at it's limit, or at least close to. AVX however can take about 14kg, which is much better. The EQ6 would of course be a better choice for me, but then I'd have to wait over a year to get a mount, I'm just not able to do that. Heh.. So basically just wondering if anyone has any experience with the AVX, and how it stands up to the EQ mounts.. ? Cheers. - Ken B.
  15. Like me, I have a T-ring and a coma corrector (basically the same as a T-adapter, only it has optics in it that flattens the image before it hits the sensor). I know you can get some kind of extension tube to put a barlow into to increase magnification, I've yet to get one though. What I did was, equip my T-ring on my camera, then I used some electrical tape around my 2x barlow so it would fit snugly inside the opening of my T-ring. Now, this makes it fit into a 1.25" ep slot, instead of a 2" focuser like my adapter. But it did work, if it's good or not, I can't really say, cause I have nothin
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