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  1. If I didn't have a daughter with a previous partner, I'd seriously consider a move. I have an Uncle in Australia who I could have moved with when he emigrated, but couldn't be apart from my daughter. The weather in the UK right now is completely ridiculous, but there's so many other aspects of life here these days that I dislike. I'm 29, but have the tolerance of someone 59 these days.
  2. Another "I wouldn't dare take it to my local" comment from me. Nobody has ever looked through the EP of my scope and not been very impressed so I'd love to take it there though. Good on you.
  3. Thanks for the iplayer link. Going to watch now.
  4. I totally forgot SGL8 just happened. What was the sky like for you lot?
  5. A really nice job anyway without considering the circumstances into account. If I manage to get an image of the moon as good as that whenever I get a chance I'll be very happy. Well done!
  6. wow. So lucky/unlucky. I know a guy who recently put up a post on a facebook group, asking people not to bid on some cards (Magic the Gathering cards - a game any real geek will know about) that had been stolen from his car. The guy who stole them said he had bought them for his kids and they never really used them. He didn't know that they were extremely rare and worth circa £1,000. The police didn't want to know and the poor guy had to buy them back from the guy himself. I hope he tried to collect them with some friends... People like that sicken me. Anyway, really glad you got your gear back. I'd be devastated if it happened to me. A happy ending thankfully.
  7. Nice read thanks. One day in the future we will look back in disbelief at the fact that people once even considered us to be alone in this Universe.
  8. Cant express the jealousy.. Outside my window I just see clouds illuminated by yellow street lights.
  9. I generally work by the rule that if James is saying it's right, it probably is.
  10. Hey Rob. Welcome to the SGL
  11. I'm sort of embarassed to ask this question as it may be stupid, but if you don't ask you wont find out so here goes and I'm told there's no such thing as a stupid question.. On the NEQ6 pro, does it need a guidescope atached to track? I obtained one recently and perhaps due to my naivety assumed that if it was powered up and aligned, it would move counter to the earth's rotation and hold an image. Yesterday I was having to manually track with the synscan handset when viewing Jupiter. I couldn't get a three star alignment as I think my polar alignment was off - another question to be posted in another thread. I was having real difficulty in seeing Polaris through the polar scope and in the end conceded that I would just use Alignmaster and EQmod.
  12. Had my first go at imaging Jupiter yesterday and this is my result with a 10FPS video 50 seconds long: I'm not too displeased with the overall quality after stacking. I have done absolutely nothing to add colour quality though. I think I need to get a higher magnification barlow as this was done with a 2x and is still pretty small. I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to help me out with a couple of questions I have: * Firstly, I was having issues wth the wavelets in Registax. I was following this guide - http://www.astronomie.be/registax/previewv6paul.html and looking at the wavelets section, the difference it adds to image qualiry looks amazing. However, when I play with these settings it actually makes my image much more blurry. Can anyone shed any ligh on this for me? * I would like to get some colour into the image as it's obviously a bit dark. Can anyone advise the best settings to aim for to do the best with what I have here? * Would a 3 x barlow be a good upgrade for a larger image here? * Registax was giving me a bit of a headache with aligning. When I asked it to lign by itself it would only give me one alighpoint. Is this normal? For this image I manually clicked about 40 or so points into the image. Is this the right way? Cheers guys. I would really appreciate any advice someone can throw my way to help me get more out of the system next time I head out in my garden.
  13. You want one of these: http://www.firstlightoptics.com/adaptors/125-nosepiece-to-webcam-lens-thread-toucam-pro-spc900nc.html Is then sits in the scope like an EP would.
  14. I saw this post and thought you had written a poem or something at first glance.
  15. If I was a millionaire I'd have two. One for each eye.
  16. Great stuff. Thanks for taking the time to help me out.
  17. Yeah. I'm confusing a surge protector with an RCD. Like I say, I'm very new to all this sort of stuff so I'm not totally sure what I'm doing just yet. So, can you recommend a suitable RCD for an NEQ6?
  18. Ah ok. The guy I got it from had one and recommended I get one. Thanks for the post.
  19. Can anyone recommend a surge protector they use for their NEQ6 or equivalent mount? I'm a bit of a newb to this kind of stuff and wouldn't want to mess about with this particular purchase.
  20. Yeah it was a great feeling seeing it all setup finally and absolutely, as soon as the clouds finally clear off I'll be out there. I think it's the incredible amount of software and "toys" out there that attracts me. There's so much to play with.
  21. Tonight I set up my NEQ6 for the first time with my newly arrived Evostar ED80 Pro. I appreciate this sort of gear is nothing new, but bear in mind i'm upgrading from a 200P.. When I had gone through all the setup guides and familiarised myself with it, I set the GOTO to aim for Jupiter (in my lounge - I just wanted to see it move). Did anyone else just laugh to themselves the first time they did this with a mount and 'scope. God I'm excited.. Happy times.
  22. Hi there Zeedy. Welcome to the SGL!
  23. ubertank


    Hey there. Welcome to the SGL!
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