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  1. Thoroughly enjoyable documentary. Agreed Kirkster. What those people did on that mission was absolutely sensational.
  2. Just came across this on TV. It's in Discovery Science right now and on +1 in 30 mins. A documentary about repair work required on the hubble and the mission to perform them. Absolutely no idea if it's any good or complete garbage, but I thought it worth mentioning.
  3. I'm having the exact same issue with M51. It's driving me insane. If anyone has been able to locate a guidestar near M51 that has let them guide effectively please let me know.
  4. I can verify this fixed the issue for me aswell. Just need that new version.
  5. Hey, Just a quick one if someone will oblige. I have a Skywatcher ST80 OTA arriving tomorrow. Will it be able to connect it to my ED80 with the supplied dovetails and rings or will I need to do anything to get it on there? I've had a quick google and can't find a clear answer. As there's a chance of a clear sky tomorrow night I want to make sure I get everything sorted before then if I can. Thanks in advance everyone.
  6. I listed a wanted ad on astrobuysell for an NEQ6 pro and was answered by a "Peter in Sweden". He sent me images of the (a) neq6 and said I could make him an offer and he would ship it to my door. It didn't look right to me so I did a bit of googling and reading on astrobuysell and it seemed a common scam in the end. I waited and bought one more locally and it's been fine. You have to be extra careful when buying stuff online. Sorry you got burnt.
  7. Wow Jock. That made me almost wince when I saw it Good on you. Makes my little ED80 and one counterweight looks like a kids toy.
  8. Often it's not about the quality of the picture, more that it's just something that YOU took after seeing something. I think everyone on here will remember the first time they saw Saturn.
  9. Thanks everyone.Twisted Lip, I'm not sure of the settings actually I'm afraid. I'll take more care to remember next time. I was experimenting with speeds until I got a level of exposure I was happy with.
  10. My question is as the title says really. Is it necessary to do any more than a good polar alignment if you are using a guiding system? I will be using a Synguider in an st80 next time I venture out and would like to step up to 3 minute exposures, but am unsure if it's possible without drift as I've never used a guiding system before. Thanks guys.
  11. Hey Martin, Thanks for the comment. I think that I may have chosen a relatively hard target when it comes to getting the most out of the processing but M51 to me has always been one of the most beautiful objects in the sky so was excited to get right on it. As far as my PA routine is concerned. I firstly make sure the mount is perfectly leveled and aim it north using a compass. Add the head which is already set to the right latitude for the dark site I use. Then if it's a bit dark I have to hold a red light to the top of the polar scope whilst awkwardly rotating Ursa Major to the angle it is pointing in the sky. I then adjust the bolts as required to place Polaris in the right spot. I then add the scope and weights and check the alignment is still correct with the increased weight, but this is never really a problem as an neq6 laughs in the face of an ED80 and a single weight. That's basically it mate. I haven't performed drift alignment at all yet.
  12. My first shot of the moon with a T-ring and not just holding it there hoping for a lucky focus. Pretty pleased with this one but it feels just a touch out of focus to me around the terminator. The seeing wasn't spectacular that night, but overall I'm pretty happy. Hope you like.
  13. So after initially taking four or five 30 second exposures at ISO800, I went out the other night and took around 20 at ISO1600 for 90secs. The tracking held up reasonably well considering it was unguided and after a bit of processing this is my current best image. I have so, so much work to do to learn how to process correctly, but I'm quite pleased with the outcome so far. The stars (more notably the large one) are clearly distorted and I've had a real tough time removing the blue tint from my CLS filter. I'm really finding it hard to get a more "true" colour and get rid of the blue tint without making it green or yellow. Any advice here would be welcomes. So here it is anyway. 20 x 90 sec exposures on Canon 1100D with Astonomik CLS filter, through ED80 on NEQ6 pro. No flats or darks yet. Mostly edited through Startools, then screenshotted and a JPEG loaded into PS (haven't yet paid for Startools) Between that, saving as a JPEG again and then uploading to photobucket, there's a fair bit of quality lost along the way here (excuses ). Would love feedback and advice.
  14. Hi guys, Currently having this issue in PS: When I open an image and view it in the quid edit window there's nothing wrong with it. If I just click Open, the centre then gets massively pixellated and ruined. Anyone come across this before?
  15. Hey guys, Am looking to make an upgrade in the next week or so and am wondering if anyone can suggest which of the two would provide the most improvements in image quality. With all of the items totalling the £500 mark, I wouldn't be able to afford it all just yet, so it'll either be the ST80 + synguider setup, or alternatively the ED80 FR/FF. I don't have enough experience yet to be able to appreciate how much a 0.85x focal length reduction will assist me, with the ED80 being the only thing I've ever tried to image with. I have read lots of reviews regarding the synguider however, and as I almost exclusively at a dark site it seems like a good option to me. That said, I am tracking a really light scope on an neq6 pro which so far has tracked beautifully at 1 min subs. So all in all, not really sure which to go for. I'll have both eventually, but not for a couple of months so want to make the right choice. Anyone with more experience able to advise?
  16. Very nice image mate. Well done. How do you find Startools? I read the review in skyatnight and they really seemed to really like it and as have no prior PS knowledge I am tempted to give it a whirl
  17. Another +1 for FLO from me. Always happy to answer my daft questions and post me the stuff I order promptly. Have only ever received great service.
  18. I recently started going out to my observing site with another guy I met through the SGL who also has an 1100D. He pointed out to me that whenever he sets his camera up to automatically take ten shots in a row, the second shot always has a red tint around the edges, which I thought was strange. When I tested mine, it does the same thing too. Does anyone else have this issue and know why it happens?
  19. Another really amazing job. Considering this image was generated from 10 x 60 second exposures at 800ISO, I'd love to see what you could with more, longer exposures and a higher ISO. I had thought the image was next to worthless to be honest. The importance of processing just can't be overstated.
  20. Wow Shibby well done. Considering the low quality of the .tif that's pretty impressive. Thanks ever so much to everyone who had a go at editing. It's really encouraging to get an idea of what quality can be obtained from particular images. When you're working blind as it were, there's a temptation to say to yourself that the images are no good when they obviously aren't as bad as you think. This has been really helpful. Can I ask what tweaks you made to get that sort of quality Shibby?
  21. 2/3 of the way down, just left of centre. Looks like two stars in zoomed, but when zoomed in and the of curve adjusted slightly is quite clear with spiral arms. Not an amazing image at all, but I'm just curious what people with the know how can do with an image like that.
  22. Really? I just went to the link I provided, clicked "download" on the top right and it's downloaded the .tif file for me which I've opened in PS. Did you do that or did you try some other way?
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