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  1. I have a Canon 1100d dslr, and I was wondering if there is an adapter out there that I can attach my camera to that will fit the finder scope shoe of my SW 200P . Can't seem to find something suitable on the Internet. Many thanks.
  2. I have a Skywatcher dual axis set up( RA and DEC motors with the red enhanced handset) Skywatcher 200P on an EQ5 Mount. Tracking is great with very little drift. The problem is that after an hour or two when I try to slew in RA the motor just keeps running even though I've taken my thumb off the button, so I have to disconnect the power to stop it. When I reconnect the power the motor resumes normal tracking, until I press the button again. It doesn't matter what the speed setting is(0.5x, 2x, or 16x) it runs at 16x. It's the same in both directions. This only seems to happen after I have been
  3. Hi Cornelius Varley Thanks for your reply. I got all that information. What I wanted to know is can I use the finder scope as a guide scope, using an adapter to attach the camera. If so, where can I get said adapter?(if they exist) The adapters with the camera are for telescope eyepiece only. Regards. Clive.
  4. Just purchased the above camera and I was wondering if I could use it as a guide camera using my bog standard SkyWatcher finder scope. Obviously I would need an adapter, do these adapters exist and if so, would the setup work? I'm not using SYNSCAN, I have dual stepper motor drive. I am new to guiding, so any help would be appreciated.
  5. I have the newer red Skywatcher dual axis control box which has an ST4 port, as was mentioned above, so can I assume that it would work, provided that I have the right software? Clive
  6. I have a Skywatcher 200P reflector on an EQ5 mount. At the moment I use RA and DEC stepper motors connected to a hand control box. Is it possible to use a guide scope and camera to control the stepper motors via a laptop and the control box or do guide cameras only work with Go To mounts. Regards Clive
  7. Thanks Cornelius, I was hoping it was going to be so simple. If I do decide to go down the guide camera route, is there one you can recommend ( and the set up), hopefully not too expensive. I really appreciate your advice. Regards Clive
  8. Hello Cornelius Varley, yes, my 'scope is non go-to, just SkyWatcher dual axis motors and hand controller. This could be what I'm looking for. Would this work using Stellarium from my laptop because I don't possess a guide camera. Regards Clive
  9. I'm looking for a cable to connect my laptop COMM port to my Skywatcher stepper motor hand controller via the ST4 port, using the ASCOM and EQMOD programs. First of all, is this possible and secondly, where can I find a cable.
  10. Can I use Stellarium to control my stepper motors through the handset on my 200P Newtonian or does it only work with Go To's.
  11. Where can I get collimation thumbscrews for my Skywatcher 200P Newtonian. The one's from Bob's Knobs seem a little expensive. Regards.
  12. I have a Skywatcher 200p with EQ5 mount. I accidently trod on one of the slow motion control knobs and, needless to say, my size 10 put paid to it. I have done a lot of searching but I have been unable to find replacement knobs. I have seen plenty of the flexible cable controls but I am not a lover of these. Does anyone know of a supplier for the control knobs or a compatible substitute? Like I said, I don't want the long flexible type, just the short ones that were originally supplied with the 'scope. Thanks in anticipation.
  13. Hi, I use BST , I have the 8,10,15 and 25mm. The 5 mm probably wouldn't cut it on the 200P unless you have perfect conditions. As for the 32mm, BST only go up to 25mm. For the price, you can't go wrong with the BST ep's.
  14. I have read with interest how some people find flocking the inside of the tube improves the performance of the telescope i.e. cutting down on internal glare. Does this work or is it just pesonal preference. I have been thinking about this for a while and I just need a bit of insight and advice. If it is worth doing, where is the best place to purchase flocking material.
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