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  1. Amazing images! I have yet to see Saturn, but I can't wait to try and catch a glimpse! Well done.
  2. Very nice photos! I prefer the image on the left also.
  3. Letchy


    Very nice image! Even without a full colour shot, it looks absolutely surreal! I wish that someday I can take pictures of DSOs such as M82, haha. Great work!
  4. Tonight is a very clear (and very cold!!) night. I used everyones tips and information and managed to see Jupiter, not up close; but I saw some banding and the top band! I am actually very happy I had to focus on her for a minute and then the banding (two lines of banding and a large band at the top) became quite clear... Now I just need to be able to focus on Jupiter when I use my 10mm eyepiece somehow... Can't figure out how though, as no matter how delicately I turn the 'wheels' to focus, it does not focus properly. After seeing and simply staring at Jupiter for a while, I tried to find M31 to no avail haha. Cleart skies!!
  5. Very well done, Harry! I did nto get to catch SGL but I did record it. Will be watching later!
  6. Thank you Brian. Clear skies seem to be gone for now, haha. I do only have 10mm and 20mm eyepieces, though.
  7. It is amazing I took the photos by simply holding my camera against the eyepiece haha... I like to take pictures, but am satisfied with what I can do Hoping for more clear skies soon to take everyones' advice and put it into effect hehe! Clear skies!!
  8. That is probably the problem... I do everything much too fast haha. Thank you for the advice everyone!
  9. Thank you everyone, but when I turn those 'wheels', all that seems to happen is zooming in and the focus does not get any better for me. Then again, I am probably doing precisely the wrong thing!
  10. If that is the case... I am not sure how to focus properly then, haha.
  11. I like them alot! Very nice detail in the gas clouds
  12. Hey guys and girls, I recieved my first telescope as a gift for christmas... It wasn't the SkyWatcher 130P I had asked for, but I am still happy with what I have got!! Although... I still do not know how to properly have a look at Jupiter, or the moon exactly yet... They seem to look very weird when I view them. The scope I now own is the Sky-Watcher SK 607AZ2 Refracting Telescope. Included are two main lenses, (10mm and 20mm), a 2x Barlow lens, 1.5x Erecting Eyepiece and a pathfinder which sits on the top of the scope it self. I am wondering what this scope is good for looking at? I have looked at one DSO - (Orions Nebula) and it looked fantastic through this scope, I also took a few pictures with my point and shoot listed bellow haha. I was looking forward to looking at Jupiter and the Moon in all their glory, but when looking at them all I seem to see is nothing really. Which is a bummer... Thanks for your help everyone! Here are two images I took, one of Orion and one of Jupiter... Jupiter does not look quite right Orions neblua unedited: Orions nebula edited: Weird looking Jupiter:
  13. I am hoping to look at a lot of things with my first scope.
  14. Last night was a clearish night for us Good job on finding M31 as well I tried to again but my eyes weren't given long enough to adjust and I was cold, so I had a quick look at M42 and the Pleiades, haha. London is not too bad for a major city and stargazing.
  15. Thank you all for your comments. I am now fully reasured about my first scope and am quite excited to grt it, haha. Clear skies!
  16. Rikm, I sm going to be purchasing the Explorer 150p.
  17. Thank you, Vigdisvz. Just what I was hoping to read
  18. I am eondering if, with the scope in ghe title, I would be able to see Jupiter, it's moons and some banding? I should be buying this scope as my first soon and wanted to know... Thanks!
  19. I am going to set an alarm to wake up for around 6:30, as I should be able to see at least Saturn at that time... I am hoping that I can see all 3 to get a picture of it, haha.
  20. Found it!!! Tonight is a beauty of a night, with no moon and dark skies (well as dark as it can be, light pollution permitting!). After marveling at M42 and Orions Belt just above it, and my eyes had adjusted I decided to look for M31; Andromeda Galaxy. I started by looking at Cassiopeia and using Stellarium I had planned out how I could find this elusive gem. I looked at the fourth star of the sideways 'W' or 'M' and found Mirach, and the Alpheratz. After I found the two closest bright stars to Mirach, u And and a And, and what do I see? A smudge bellow 'a And'... Instantaneously I knew what I were looking at was M31. I was and still am amazed at seeing a GALAXY from our Earth, with 40x50 Binoculars... Even if all I could see notably was a smudge of light in the darkness. I am very excited to buy my first scope now, as I know that I will be able to see even more wonders of the universe, and maybe, just maybe see M31 as it should look (or at least its core, haha). Overwhelmed with how beautiful the sky is on a lovely clear and moonless night; eve with light pollution! I tried taking some pictures for stacking in registax with my camera but it simply is not good enough for DSO imaging at the mo'. Thanks for taking your time to read this, and clear skies!
  21. Hello Alastair, and welcome to SGL! I also live in Eltham! haha, have you tried the woods for a 'better' look at the stars? I have a feeling it may produce some slightly better results for me, but haven't tried yet... Lovely photography by the way.
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