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  1. Amazing images! I have yet to see Saturn, but I can't wait to try and catch a glimpse! Well done.
  2. Very nice photos! I prefer the image on the left also.
  3. Letchy


    Very nice image! Even without a full colour shot, it looks absolutely surreal! I wish that someday I can take pictures of DSOs such as M82, haha. Great work!
  4. Tonight is a very clear (and very cold!!) night. I used everyones tips and information and managed to see Jupiter, not up close; but I saw some banding and the top band! I am actually very happy I had to focus on her for a minute and then the banding (two lines of banding and a large band at the top) became quite clear... Now I just need to be able to focus on Jupiter when I use my 10mm eyepiece somehow... Can't figure out how though, as no matter how delicately I turn the 'wheels' to focus, it does not focus properly. After seeing and simply staring at Jupiter for a while, I tried to find M31 to no avail haha. Cleart skies!!
  5. Very well done, Harry! I did nto get to catch SGL but I did record it. Will be watching later!
  6. Thank you Brian. Clear skies seem to be gone for now, haha. I do only have 10mm and 20mm eyepieces, though.
  7. It is amazing I took the photos by simply holding my camera against the eyepiece haha... I like to take pictures, but am satisfied with what I can do Hoping for more clear skies soon to take everyones' advice and put it into effect hehe! Clear skies!!
  8. That is probably the problem... I do everything much too fast haha. Thank you for the advice everyone!
  9. Thank you everyone, but when I turn those 'wheels', all that seems to happen is zooming in and the focus does not get any better for me. Then again, I am probably doing precisely the wrong thing!
  10. If that is the case... I am not sure how to focus properly then, haha.
  11. I like them alot! Very nice detail in the gas clouds
  12. Hey guys and girls, I recieved my first telescope as a gift for christmas... It wasn't the SkyWatcher 130P I had asked for, but I am still happy with what I have got!! Although... I still do not know how to properly have a look at Jupiter, or the moon exactly yet... They seem to look very weird when I view them. The scope I now own is the Sky-Watcher SK 607AZ2 Refracting Telescope. Included are two main lenses, (10mm and 20mm), a 2x Barlow lens, 1.5x Erecting Eyepiece and a pathfinder which sits on the top of the scope it self. I am wondering what this scope is good for looking at? I have looked at one DSO - (Orions Nebula) and it looked fantastic through this scope, I also took a few pictures with my point and shoot listed bellow haha. I was looking forward to looking at Jupiter and the Moon in all their glory, but when looking at them all I seem to see is nothing really. Which is a bummer... Thanks for your help everyone! Here are two images I took, one of Orion and one of Jupiter... Jupiter does not look quite right Orions neblua unedited: Orions nebula edited: Weird looking Jupiter:
  13. I am hoping to look at a lot of things with my first scope.
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