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  1. Come on, guys, he is not some made stalker we are talking about, he probably has more to fear from members of the public than the other way around. He may have some "out of left field" thoughts.
  2. You could accept what he is saying, it could be a genuine mistake by the graphics dept of the film maker or a deliberate attempt to 1: Enhance the argument for it with a fiddled with graphic 2: Damage Robert Bauval's reputation by making him look dishonest Either way he has accepted a mistake was made, unless anyone has evidence he was personally involved in the TV graphic and is thus being dishonest with you then based respect dictates we accept his statement.
  3. Are you serious....that was worse than Airwolf and that stunk more than a sewage farm....
  4. Interesting comments here, as this is something that has never really factored on my radar I have never given it that much thought, that was why i called the Royal Institute earlier, and what i was told there would appear to be as muddled as I believed the situation to be.. From what people are saying on here I can use the prefix Dr as I have a PhD...interesting..I never would of course, not pretentious enough and nor do I work in the field I completed either my degree or PhD in, I earn more money as an Electrical Engineer, for which I have the equivalent of a degree but gained by multiple cer
  5. Nice explanation there Michael, as I understand it in the UK your research has to be submitted to a Committee from your University which is after you have completed your Masters and that this application must be supported by the Professor that was your tutor and the University Dean, although the last is likely a formality if the Professor supports it. If they grant you the right to use Doctor then you do so only when you become tenured, if you do not have a position or you work outside your field you are not allowed to use the prefix until such time as you do...that was how it was explained by
  6. It does not mean you can use the title Doctor though, I have a PhD, but that does not allow or entitle me to use the prefix Doctor, there is specific criteria you need to meet to be allowed to use that, and the minimum outside of the medical world are Research Level degrees above the normal degrees, so at least a Master's plus another 3 years of University research credits (at least a further 120 points above Masters), normally though it will only be tenured Professors who hold the title, though not always.
  7. I would like to make some further comment here. 1: The rude cow you got an email from is best ignored, a PhD does not give you a Doctorate and thus if she does not possess a Doctorate she is breaking the law in certainly Europe, The USA and Canada, likely far more, as this is a "protected" Job Title, such as Policeman or similar is. 2: She clearly is stupid. 3: Graham Hancock has never claimed aliens or Atlantians built the Pyramids. He has implied, quite coherently, that there is some circumstantial evidence to imply that human civilisation may be a lot older than is generally stated and that
  8. Don't you just love the rather quaint way the Spanish and Portuguese newspapers write their articles...all very 19th century!! Great Fireball though.
  9. The Pleiades (M45) are NOT and NEVER have been in the constellation of Orion as seen from Earth in the lifetime of humanity... The Pleiades have a distance of approximately 130 parsecs (423 light years), the closest member of the Stars in Orion are more than twice this distance. The cluster and the stars of Orion have markedly different radial velocities and that the cluster is actually moving TOWARD the area of the sky we call Orion, however the cluster will not cross the boundary line between the two for approximately 300,000 years....
  10. However that statement is only true if you live on Earth and use meters as a distance measurement..If you lived in Mars then your year would be longer and your light year bigger, conversely if you lived on a planet at Venus's distance than your year and light year would be shorter...Relatively speaking...
  11. Maybe it's delivered by a Stripper Postie??
  12. Excellent video, thanks for posting it. It would be nice if we had an English Language version, and maybe less of the "porno" music in the middle!!
  13. So people keep telling me...woof woof
  14. Sorry but I have a question, Please explain the point of a 20x30 telescope??? I cannot figure one out.
  15. I was hunting a few things out on ebay and by accident of the rubbish search engine that ebay used I found this.. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/240mm-diam-9-5-F3-5-800mm-refractor-Leitz-Weszlar-objective-/171021173162?_trksid=p2045573.m2102&_trkparms=aid%3D555003%26algo%3DPW.CAT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D33%26meid%3D6959066041269854883%26pid%3D100034%26prg%3D1031%26rk%3D2%26 (Moderators:-Why can't I add this as a Hyperlink to shorter text??) Whilst a 240mm lens may be nice for building a telescope, I am not sure that a cinema projector lens is an ideal choice, this is very short and I would image that
  16. On a clear sky in very good conditions without light pollution the naked eye can see faint colour in the Orion Nebula if you have good eyes. In Binoculars this colour will be obvious. As for the colours seen, considering that M42 is also an OII region then seeing green is highly possible, although i do not recall it ever being mentioned as a naked eye colour as most is washed out by the H ALPHA (Reds) that predominant the nebula to Human eyes. It is possible that in Bins with cheaper coatings some greens may get transmitted better than Reds but to be honest, i would put this more down to chro
  17. You learn something new everyday, I have never considered attempting to see any planet, except for Venus, in daylight before, always thought they would be washed out by the ambient light levels, but I now have a challenge for when I am not on shift and Jupiter is next in the daytime sky..Thanks.
  18. Interesting way to present the life of a historical figure, clearly Newton was a "oddball" and a social misfit, but with all due respect, the majority of very successful scientists fit this bill to one extent or another, it is that overwhelming driving force that gives them the confidence in their own abilities that sets them apart from others, that allows them to use their talents to achieve such heights, so it is no wonder. I was a little disappointed at the sideways insinuation that he may have been Homosexual, firstly, it's totally irrelevant and secondly, without evidence it is just a sne
  19. OK, I can see the problem now, and two things sporing to mind. The base is cast aluminium, therefore unless these are very tightly controlled they are susceptible to gas bubbles in the casting and this can lead to weaknesses in the cast and when such areas are put under strain, they can fail. Even with a good casting the Aluminium is not as strong as pressed or rolled metal, thus movable fixings required good lubrication and should never be over-tightened, ideally they need friction reducing washers between surfaces, such as teflon washers. Now if Meade have replaced your base i would strongly
  20. Mike, can I ask why you are doing this, perhaps if you detail your problems and why you feel this is a route to go down then you will achieve more support, but without some form of explanation i feel this is unfair to Meade who are not able to defend themselves on this forum.
  21. If you actually explain what your attempting to achieve and why then perhaps this will help someone narrow down the information or point you to a program that can do it for you..
  22. Orbital analysis shows the Solar system has always been a member of the milky way, the orbit is too circular for it to have been a capture from a merged galaxy, bear in mind the solar system is "only" about 22-25 orbits old (Solar system years) so there would not have been enough time to circularise the orbit if it had been captured during a merger event. There is some evidence, I do not think totally concluded yet, that the Sun and several of the nearby stars actually form part of the Hyades stream due to their motion in space, we often think of the Hyades as a small open cluster, but in real
  23. Not too far from me, will need to check my work schedule for that part of the year as I am off on my second migration from the 15th for a month and have agree to cover a few of the Guys when they are off, will need to check free dates and get back to you...might end up coming down for an afternoon and an evening, perhaps overnight one of them depending on work....may see if I can drag some others along too...
  24. It's nitpicky for two reasons, one your post required that response and secondly, so is science. I did not mean my post as anything more than a simple response, I understand the maths around the physic of Black Holes and other aspects of Astrophysics and science in general, i am only an amateur such as yourself and do not have enough time to devote to the subject these days as I did some 25 years ago when I completed a BSc on the subject (Open university) and I am an Electrical Engineer. I am not saying the theory is wholly wrong, I am simply saying that I, at this time, remain to be convinced
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