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  1. Nice heads up John! This is invaluable. I hope you can keep posting. Thanks again, Steve
  2. I have a friend who wants to take my TAL-1 scope abroad and so I'm asking for advice on how to pack it. Assuming most of it will go easily in a suitcase, my first guess would be to remove the mirrors and wrap in hand-luggage. Is this a good idea or even feasible for a TAL-1 ? Or would they be safest left in situ? Anyone have any experience of similar transport or any good ideas? Steve
  3. Sorry, I meant dovetails (I think.) Not a dobsonian wedge andway. The bit which would fit between an EQ5 mount and a TAL 100-RS OTA the bit which the scope rings fasten to. Steve
  4. When selling or buying a mount plus OTA; if the mount and OTA go seperately, where does the wedge go - with the mount or the OTA? How are they normally split? Thanks, Steve
  5. Mid-week meets tend to be rare. Having said that, I've had about 20 visits to the CC on dark moonless nights, most of these mid-week. There has never been anyone else there (apart from the quarterly Saturday evening meets.) Most people seem to like to arrange things in advance; my style is to up and go with no notice - hence little time to arrange anything! Steve
  6. If anyone fancies a run out tonight (either venue) I'll join you. :-) Steve
  7. What Martyn said! 20x50 would be less suitable for you. Again, try before you buy. Personally, I believe magnification is yiour enemy much of the time. I'd be quite happy for you to try out mine. 7x50, 8x40 and 15x70 side by side - see the differemce for real with skies and eyes - not on paper! 10x50 seems to be the size favoured as the 'normal' stargazing equipment though I don't know why. 7x50 give a wider field of view 15x70 show up things like the moons of Jupiter. 10x50s are maybe the happy medium giving the best of both worlds, though I would say the worst of both worlds! Try before you buy if possible. Having said that (I always try to discourage people from spending money blindly ! ) you're not going to lose much with those 10x50s which you've found but ONLY because they have a decent name behind them and will likely be decent quality. I also have some 7x50s which are absolutely goddam awful but their spec is equal to my others (BAK4 fully coated multis.) Steve
  8. CJ, before you spend your hard-earned, here's a suggestion:- Try out both yourself and 'get a feel' for these yourself. Rusty loves Dobs, I hate them. You will find both at any EMS meet (which will become more frequent now the dark nights are here.) Or you can call in at my house (At Junction 28) and play with both some time. Whatever, try before you buy. On another note; you mention 'while you lean the sky.' Well any telescope is pretty bad at doing that with! Much better would be Stellarium and some binoculars - total cost £25. Steve
  9. I have a TAL100RS which I haven't used for such a long time that I'm thinking of getting rid. Unfortunately, I have no idea how much to ask for. Its in excellent condition, c/w original packing. It is mounted on a Celestron EQ5 (or CG5 ?) mount, with motors fitted by FLO. Should I sell them together or separate? Any advice appreciated. Steve
  10. I could offer some fascinating stuff about relativity and quantum maechanics but you wouldn't believe it! Steve
  11. As you may know, NASA recently sent a probe to take a look at the Asteroid Vesta. Well it arrived about a month ago and has been snapping happily since. Someone has put together a kind of 'fly-by' video and here is the result :- Dawn at Vesta | One-Minute Astronomer I recall looking at vesta in my 4" refractor last winter but confess I couldn't quite see this amount of detail. Go on, take a look and think about what you're viewing - its a great vid. Well worth five minutes. Enjoy! Steve
  12. I think you're out of luck there - almost certainly will come under 'Act of God' Steve
  13. The CC site is excellent as a drak site but what makes it dark also makes it visited less frequently. I've been the the Sawley site five times and three of those I was on my own. I must have visited the CC 15 times and have never once observed with anyone else there. It ain't so easy to get there but the observing is superb. Steve
  14. The pitch has now been taken folks. I'm going to miss this weekend! :-( Steve
  15. Fine. I'll probably be a little later than that. Any speakers up for it? Steve
  16. I'll be there - at the meeting, not the pub! What time are we clear to have the CC to ourselves? Steve
  17. My pitch for this Autumn's Star Party has been booked since day 1 but I now find myself unable to go due to poor health. Its number 227 in the middle of a great bunch of guys (the East Midlands Stargazers; BrantUK, Doc, BAZ Senior, RustyStrings, etc.) and I'm booked for Fri, Sat and Sun nights. PM me if you're interested. Steve
  18. NASA have made available an incredible 'service' which you simply must take a look at. Fascinating and free! Beware though, your next few hours are at risk! :-) Eyes on the Solar System Steve
  19. I was wondering if the Soyuz Spacecraft docks at the same point, or if they can both dock at the same time? Steve
  20. A very unusual photograph - one that leaves me with my mouth open. Take a look. NASA - Portrait of Shuttle and Station There's just something about this... Steve
  21. I also have the revelation 15x70s. They are an excellent buy. From all reports, the Celestrons are slightly (and only slightly) better. You wouldn't know the difference. Go for the cheapest between these two. They'll be more useful for Aircraft than Astronomy because until you know the sky a little, you won't be able to find anything at that magnification. 7 x 50s are better; naked eye better still. :-) Steve
  22. Have a gander... Incredible Space Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock | triggerpit.com Something a little bit different Steve
  23. No it won't - question only goes public if seller choses it to. Also - he doesn't have a hope of selling it. Only a complete retard would risk £2000 through Paypal! Steve
  24. Don't worry about your description being accurate. They won't read it anyway. If it sells, they get their commision whatever. Steve
  25. Notts/Derby would be right up my street. Actually, it could be ON my street. Pick somewhere accessible with free parking, free room, free camping and free beer. OK, maybe not the beer but the rest ain't too hard to get for free. Steve
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