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  1. Seems a high chance for aurora tonight http://www.accuweath...ntic-1/10107004 Snowstorm here in Sweden but maybe someone else has better weather.
  2. I use the Oculars plug in, but not with eyepieces but with CCDs. I have not found it inaccurate. I would be very surprised if such a bug hadn't been noticed yet.
  3. I live 100km north of Stockholm and we have had also really nice weather last month so I have been waitning for your next image. I am not dissapointed! This is a fantastic image already and your work is my inspiration. Bra jobbat!
  4. Looks great! If you do a sucessful 3-star polar alignment, does it still matter how good or bad the setup was (tripod leveld, correct pos for polaris in RA etc)?
  5. Great info there Gina. I have ordered a Borg 77 and will probably buy a 314L also and have been eyeing a OAG solution. I have to go with car for each session and would rather not have an additional scope. Here's a stupid question: Why is correct backfocus so important? Cant the focuser move the focal point a few mm if its not perfect? I feel like I am missing something really obvious.
  6. While looking for KAF-8300 examples I found this: http://nsaaforum.ning.com/photo/ngc-1499-hst-palette?xg_source=activity The image may be taken with one of the finest telescopes in the world, but still, if the chip can do that...
  7. Oh damn, wrong widefield section of the forum. If a mod could move it that would be great.
  8. Most of Orion with Nikon 50mm f/1.4 @f/4.5 Orion's Belt and Sword with Nikon 70-300 @200mm f/5.3 Orion's Sword with Nikon 70-300 @300mm f/5.6 All taken with my Nikon D600. I've had some pretty good nights here in beginning of March. Cold though, -12°C to -17°C. I still have alot to learn with post processing, but I really enjoy Pixinsight and I'm making slow progress.
  9. Is binning something that my camera needs to do when taking the actual exposure or can you do this in post processing? What software do you use to bin the images? I know Pixinsight has the IntegerResample process tool but thats one image at a time.
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