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  1. Thanks for the reply. I'm going through the EQ6 handset, so RS232/usb adaptor from laptop to handset and then the normal connection from the handset into the mount.
  2. My first dip into guiding. I've got a DMK2104AU camera on my guidescope, and am trying to connect my EQ6 to my laptop via an RS232-USB adaptor to use PHD2 for guiding. PHD successfully connects to the camera but when I try to connect the mount (I've downloaded the ASCOM drivers for Skywatcher ASCOM), I get an issue in that it says the Port field cannot be left blank. When I go into Device Manager on Windows I can see the Serial-USB adaptor successfully assigned to COM Port 3. However in PHD this just isn't appearing in the dropdown and I can't just type it in. Any thoughts on how I can get PHD2 to recognise the COM Port required for Serial-USB adaptor? Thanks in anticipation.
  3. Looks like Tinkerbell and I won't get to this one but will be there in November. Have fun
  4. Well sounds like you all had a good time! I know we most certainly did. I think I managed to have a chat with most people but I know I didn't get to meet everyone. So for those of you who managed to avoid me - I'll be back! MG1, in reply to your lots of Steves, Mikes and Daves - well being the geeky little thing I am (and those of you who visited the caravan will know all about my penchant for spreadsheets) I counted up the number of names we had...and the scores on the doors were: Stephen/Steven/Steve - 6 Michael/Mike/Mick - 4 (would have been 6 but we had two cancellations) David/Dave - 4 We did have lots of other duplicate and triplicate names but I won't bore you any more (Jarralad - I can hear you snoring already!) Anyway point of this post was to thank you all for making Star Camp what it is. It really is down to you all that Kielder gets its well deserved reputation for being a really, very, extremely friendly star camp. Huge thanks to Kev and Dave W - you all know the work they put in. Lynn X
  5. Hi Daz, Guess Dave got there first (Thanks Dave), so you'll know it's Jan at the campsite for the Hobbit Hutches and me for tenting etc. on the field. Clear Skies, Lynn
  6. OK Phil and Bill - be my two lucky charms and bring cold clear skies to Spring StarCamp for me. Bookings already going well so thanks to those of you who've already booked and for those of you with emails in my in-box waiting to be replied to I'll be doing it this weekend (been away with work hence the delay) so don't think I'm ignoring you. Great to see everyone again last week and also lots of new faces. Lynn
  7. We are now confirmed as attending the new event in April. Programme for the Day | The Astronomy Show If you haven't heard of the new observatory at Kielder why not come along and see what it is all about. Lynn
  8. Glad you boys all had a good time. No floods, plague or pestilence but plenty of clear skies, alhtough the Kielder Gremlins did seem to strike on the Wednesday. Did make you realise just how cold it can get up there though didn't it. Can't wait to start seeing the pictures though so get processing chaps. Lynn
  9. Just back from the 1st Galloway Star Camp. A big thank you to Steve for a brilliant time. We arrived on the Friday and although the observing conditions weren't too clever I think everyone enjoyed the "alternative" arrangements (thanks to my fellow quiz team members for letting me choose our winner's prize! ) Saturday night gave us lovely clear skies - just what we'd all hoped for. The view of the Milky Way overhead was tremendous! Well done Steve - can't wait for next year!
  10. I've asked Santa for 5 clear nights at the Star Camp!
  11. Phil, I've booked you a pitch - and the door number's 29. Bill, Also booked you down for one too. Cheques payable to Sunderland Astronomical Society. Cheers, Lynn
  12. ...and here is a photo from last Autumn of "Ian's lake" after it froze overnight and became a curling rink!
  13. I think of of the problems we have with how to portray "space" or "black holes" is that we always try to think of things in 3D terms, or 2D terms whereas we should really be thinking about space-time i.e. a 4D term. Black holes are so massive that it is space-time which gets distorted, not just space. Its just like when we talk about open or closed universes and portray them as "saddle shaped" object or "spheres" etc. I guess we really can't visualize a 4D space-time so to simplify things we represent them in a 2-D or 3-D way so we can at least see something "bending" or "curving".
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