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  1. Very nice Simon loads of fine details on show there. Would love to see what good condition would have allowed!
  2. I imagine the time you spent in the pub is the reason why you don't remember the night skies!
  3. Wow that is a pretty dedicated day trip! Our crossing out was quite choppy, not too bad for me though a good few people were filling the sick bags . Before coming out we did watch a few YT vids of the Scillonian in REALLY choppy seas and prayed we didn't have that kind of ride!
  4. It isn't the easiest place to get to to be honest, for us a 3.5hr drive from Bristol to Penzance and then a 3 hour ferry, would have been quicker to fly to the Greek Islands! Of course there's helicopter and fixed wind flights daily but the luggage limits were stricter and we do not travel light
  5. Haha! Yes good signal everywhere pretty much, apart from the far corners of the islands. If they like beaches and kayaking/snorkling/paddle boarding and that sort of stuff they will love it.
  6. Fantastic for families, we are here with our almost 2 year old and he is as happy as we've ever seen him. I'm sure there are some bits that will be bortle 1, there is one island with only 3 inhabitants so that would be a great place for astro!
  7. Nice shots and a successful first light, Good work
  8. Well what an evening that was. I started out with an observing plan but it went out of the window because I was struggling to identify constellations as there were so many stars. Im not sure it was quite as dark as CO makes out but certainly darker than anywhere I've been so far on the mainland. Even my wife came out to have a look and was stunned with the sheer number of stars visible. Didn't have a star chart and didn't want to use my phone and ruin my dark adaption so I just spent a while scanning around with the bins and just looking up with the old mk1 eyeballs. Great fun! Wished I could have packed my H130p but just not enough room for it. Before going back inside I fired off a 30s exposure using my phone propped up on the doorstep looking towards cygnus...
  9. Very nice first image there, well done
  10. Thanks Stu, might try a little bit of smartphone AP too!
  11. I'm currently on holiday on the Isles of Scilly and I brought 7x50 binos on the off chance of a clear night as I thought there would be dark skies, but didn't think it would be this dark... Forecast is excellent for tonight and I'm really excited to get out there shortly and do some binocular observing. Living in a city and only really ever paying attention to the moons and planets this is something special for me! Report to come later hopefully.
  12. That's a real stunner Neil, top quality work! The full size image is a feast for the eyes just panning around and taking it all in in glorious detail.
  13. Ah ok hopefully you'll get some ideas from there.
  14. Didn't Altair astro confirm the skywatcher motor unit would fit this scope? Perhaps they know of an alternative way to get it on there?
  15. The type and arrangement of the rear and edge supports for any mirror will depend on it's thickness. A full thickness mirror (diameter to thickness ratio of 1:6 or thicker) Will perform well with rudimentary support. Thinner mirrors need more support in the right places. It's no use having people suggest what mirror cell arrangements works for them with their scopes when you have no idea how thick their mirrors are and how they compare to your own mirrors thickness.
  16. Nice family portrait there... Good to see you in this section Mike, hope to see more!
  17. Boatloads of detail there nice work
  18. Could you take the mono but just shoot luminance on as many targets as possible. Then you can add this high quality Lum data to colour captured at home? Not sure if that is a stupid idea
  19. Very nice shot, great first attempt.
  20. Very nice work Reggie, you've inspired me to have another go at the ice giants
  21. Great detail there and a really nice looking image, especially for a single capture
  22. Very nice shots, well done. I have struggled recently as I think the hot days and earlier imaging time don't go well together. Best results for me were with imaging at 2-3am when the ground had cooled off
  23. Nice shots, have you tried combining the IR with the colour as a luminance channel?
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