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  1. Is that the general consensus or just personal preference? I've always tried sticking with the finder until the final object is in my EP. As already mentioned, this isn't proving to be an effective method.
  2. I've been struggling for a year and you guys have solved it in 9 minutes. What a great place Thanks.
  3. I've been struggling for a year and you guys have solved it in 9 minutes. What a great place Thanks.
  4. Hi all. I'm wondering if anybody has any tips for dealing with the sky as it appears in my finder scope. I've had a telescope (Skywatcher 102 refractor) for about a year and have had great success exploring the solar system but am getting frustrated by the deep sky objects. The main problem is getting my brain to consolidate the 4 information sources it has available; star chart (seems simple enough), naked eye (pretty used to using those), finder scope (upside-downy wibbly-wobbly) and telescope (little movement - BIG CHANGE). I'm hoping I'm just going to get used to it at some point in the fu
  5. Glad I could help. Thank you for helping me hit 2 posts and thanks to the rest of you for the unusually warm (in comparison to other corners of the internet) welcome.
  6. Hi everyone. I presume my story's pretty typical. I've been ineterested in the skies for most of my life but got around to getting myself a telescope fairly recently (about a year ago). In that year I've googled many questions and have always seemed to find the answer here so this place has become very familiar to me without me ever even having an account here. Thanks for that In the space of the last year I've gone from not even realising that the 4 'stars' I could see next to Jupiter weren't stars to seeing the Great Red Spot for the first time with my own eyes last Monday. I've only just
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